F1: Teams Will Closely Monitor Floor Photographs of Red Bull RB19, Says Mercedes

An F1 car's floor is the most aerodynamically critical surface, and its performance is largely attributable to ground-effect sculpting. In addition, the floor design is the most difficult for other teams to see and all teams keep it secret.

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After crashing out of qualifying at Sainte Devote, Sergio Perez's RB19 had to be lifted out of the way, giving photographers a chance to snap the car's inside. Since the move to ground-effect regulations in 2022, engineers have estimated that 60% of vehicle performance is now created by underbody aerodynamics, thus teams have guarded this region closely. Lewis Hamilton's collision in FP3 also revealed the much-improved Mercedes W14. Red Bull, which has won every race this season, would be considerably more irritated, according to Mercedes trackside engineering director Shovlin. Toto Wolff, the head of the Mercedes F1 team, revealed in an interview that his team will be comparing the two designs thoroughly in the weeks to come, despite the fact that they hadn't had a chance to do so just yet.

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F1: How Important is Underfloor Performance?

Mercedes W14

Ground-effect sculpting is largely responsible for the vehicle's performance, and the floor is the most aerodynamically sensitive part of the vehicle.

Unless a vehicle flips or is hoisted into the air, like Perez's was when the Mexican slammed into obstacles on Saturday during qualifying, it is also the most difficult element for other teams to gain a look at.

Due to the tight limits and lack of drainage, marshals in Monaco frequently utilise cranes to extract stuck vehicles off the metal-fenced circuit.

Shovlin, the director of Mercedes' trackside engineering, speculated that the other team was more irritated by the car's disappearance into thin air than Mercedes was.

While the Mercedes leaned backward when raised, the RB19 remained relatively level, drawing comparisons between the two cars.

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F1 Monaco GP: Mercedes W14 Upgrades

Mercedes W14 1

Mercedes debuted their 2023 Formula One vehicle during the Monaco Grand Prix. In Monaco, Mercedes unveils its redesigned front suspension, sidepods, and floor. The most noticeable alteration is the zeropod's replacement with a downwash ramp. 

Since the W13 and W14 fell short of the mark, this is the first time the team has altered its designs. Since the current W14 tub was produced by the abandoned design, no changes may be made to it this year. The location of the cockpit and side guards has not changed. 

The top impact bar functions as a winglet, directing airflow downwards along the floor's edges aerodynamically. This one is broad and more reminiscent of a Ferrari than a Red Bull's, in contrast to the now-standard deep undercut groove on the front of sidepods.

The front suspension also seems to have undergone significant changes and now has anti-dive geometry. This is defined by the angular difference in height between the front and rear wishbones. Anti-dive effectiveness increases with increasing angle.


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