F1: VCARB Expected to Retain Daniel Ricciardo for 2025 Season

The current deal keeps Daniel Ricciardo at Racing Bulls until the end of the current season, so there's a chance he'll be extended for 2025.

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Daniel Ricciardo appears to have dodged the tumultuous driver churn that's become a hallmark of VCARB. Team boss Christian Horner seems happy to keep the experienced Australian behind the wheel. Ricciardo's initial return was seen as a stepping stone to a coveted Red Bull seat. Red Bull believed he could challenge Max Verstappen, but a year can bring dramatic changes. Ricciardo's teammate, Yuki Tsunoda, has emerged as a consistent force, keeping VCARB in the midfield pack. In contrast, Ricciardo has only contributed a fraction of the team's points. Red Bull's rumoured extension with Sergio Perez further suggests Ricciardo's fate lies with VCARB for at least another season. While whispers suggest Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko prefers a different teammate for Verstappen, both Red Bull and VCARB seem to favour Ricciardo's continued presence. Perhaps his experience offers stability amidst a driver market filled with unknowns, or maybe VCARB sees potential for him to recapture his past form. Regardless of the reason, Ricciardo appears to have found a temporary haven at VCARB, a situation that benefits both driver and team for now.

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Red Bull's star driver, Verstappen, is locked in with a long-term contract, but his teammate, Perez, is nearing the end of his. While Perez wants a two-year extension, Red Bull seems hesitant and might offer just one year.

F1 Red Bull Sergio Perez

Joining Red Bull in 2021, Perez quickly proved his worth. He secured strong finishes, including a win in Monaco in 2022, leading to a contract extension until 2024. That year was his best, with two wins, a pole position, and numerous podiums. He continued to impress in 2023, finishing second in the championship behind Verstappen.

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Previously, other drivers like Tsunoda and Ricciardo were considered for the Red Bull seat. However, recent news suggests Perez's contract renewal is likely, leaving those hoping to partner with Verstappen waiting for another opportunity.

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