F1: Yuki Tsunoda to Aston Martin? Honda Hints at Japanese Driver's Potential 2026 Move

There have been rumours that Tsunoda will join the Aston Martin Honda team in 2026 and that he is a prospective driver for the team. The head of Honda Racing, Koji Watanabe, has verified the rumours.

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Aston Martin and Honda confirmed their plans to merge in 2026 after weeks of rumours. Three years from now, when Formula One enters a new age, the Silverstone team has confirmed an agreement with the Japanese engine maker. However, there is still the better part of three seasons before F1 2026 rolls around, so it is extremely difficult to pin down what the Aston Martin driver line-up, now comprising of Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll, would look like by then, as Honda admits. However, Honda has its own stable of racing talent, and the company hopes that some of those drivers will "become candidates" for an Aston Martin seat as a result of the partnership. Honda backs Yuki Tsunoda, a 23-year-old Japanese driver who now competes with AlphaTauri, which uses Honda power units. There have been rumours that Tsunoda could join the Aston Martin Honda team in 2026 and that he is a prospective driver for the team. Honda Racing Corporation president Koji Watanabe verified the rumours in an interview with the press. 

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F1: Yuki Tsunoda Career 


When a new or, in this instance, returning firm enters Formula 1, it's reasonable to assume that they'll prioritise having a driver that shares their country. For Honda, that person is Yuki Tsunoda; nevertheless, there is more to the connections to the present AlphaTauri man than meets the eye.

After a shaky start to his F1 career, Tsunoda has established himself as a competent driver in 2023, routinely vying for points while sharing a car with a teammate who is struggling at the back of the pack. Staying in F1 until 2026 would provide Tsunoda with five years of expertise, which would be invaluable to the new team.

Tsunoda has been using Honda power units provided by the Red Bull-Honda alliance since his debut in the sport. With just one year remaining on his contract, the 23-year-old is a near-lock to get an extension, and some have even suggested that Tsunoda may replace Sergio Perez in the Red Bull car.

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Aston Martin and Honda Partnership

In 2026, Honda will provide the works power unit for Aston Martin's Formula One car. Honda left Formula One at the end of 2021 after seven years of participation and a Drivers' World Championship win (due to Red Bull and Max Verstappen). After winning both championships in 2022, they renewed their collaboration with Red Bull until 2025 by signing a power unit support deal. 

After considering a return to F1, Honda has settled on a partnership with the up-and-coming Aston Martin team, with an eye on the 2026 regulations and its increasing focus on sustainable technologies. The obligation to utilise 100% sustainable fuels and the increased emphasis on electrical power was appealing to Honda when F1 published its revised engine rules for 2026.

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