Lewis Hamilton: Not Going to Ferrari as New Mercedes Deal on the Way

It has been speculated that the 38-year-old driver, who has won seven world championships and is the sport's all-time leading scorer, may join Ferrari next season if he is not re-signed before the conclusion of the current season.

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After days of reports that Ferrari is putting together a USD 40 million a season pay package to lure Hamilton to Maranello, Mercedes has unveiled the improved W14, on which many speculate that Hamilton's future depends, despite his insistence that a new contract with Mercedes is "almost" ready. Mercedes enters the Monte Carlo race in third position in the constructors' standings behind Aston Martin and ahead of Ferrari, while drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are ranked fourth and sixth, respectively. At the same time as the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix, Mercedes unveiled their updated 2023 F1 car to the world. At first glance in Monaco, we can see that Mercedes has updated their car with a new front suspension, sidepods, and floor. The most glaring change is the addition of a downwash ramp in place of the much panned zeropod design.

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F1 Monaco Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton Response

During an interview ahead of the weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton told reporters, “My team is working closely behind the scenes with team boss Toto Wolff, we are almost at the end of having a contract ready.” 

Lewis Hamilton And Toto Wolff

Lewis Hamilton further added, “Having a team focus on that so I can just do my job, it’s a much better position than I was in before because I remember I used to do all my negotiations on my own and it was very stressful. I don’t have to do that any more.”

When asked directly whether Ferrari had been in touch, the Mercedes driver replied “no”.

Leclerc was there at the same event as Hamilton, and when asked whether he would want to have Hamilton on his team, he seemed awkward. “If I say yes, I imagine it being the title of every newspaper,” he said.

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F1 Monaco GP: Mercedes W14 Upgrades

At the Monaco Grand Prix, Mercedes unveiled their updated F1 car for the 2023 season. Mercedes's new front suspension, sidepods, and floor are all on display for the first time in Monaco. The most glaring change is the addition of a downwash ramp in place of the much panned zeropod design. 

The W13 and W14 failed to meet expectations, therefore this is the first time the team has made changes to its designs. They have been limited in what they can do so far since the present W14 tub was created by the discarded concept and cannot be changed this year. The cockpit and side guards remain in the same places. 

The top side impact bar acts as a winglet, continuing the aerodynamic down washing of air towards the floor borders. Unlike the now-typical deep undercut channel on the front of sidepods, this one is wide and resembles the design of a Ferrari rather than a Red Bull.

The front suspension also underwent a major transformation, and it now looks to feature anti-dive geometry. The vertical offset between the front and back wishbones defines this. The higher the angle, the more effective it is as an anti-dive.

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