Philippos Matthai Wins 2023 INAC Championship

Matthai clinched victory in both the INAC 1 Open class and the INAC 1 (1,651cc to 2,400cc) class, clocking 1:26 in his Volkswagen Polo, with Uday Pilani securing second and Naveen Puligilla in third.

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At the Indian Automotive Racing Club's (IARC) Nanoli Stud Farm, near Pune, venue of the Indian National Autocross Championship Finals, competitors showcased an incredible show of speed and talent. With multiple podium finishes in the FMSCI National AutoCross Championship and the title of the quickest driver in the Time Attack Event, Philippos Matthai stood out as a remarkable driver. Dhruva Chandrashekar, Mazdayar Vatcha, Nikhil J, Daksh Gill, Nikeeta Takkale, and countless more showcased their exceptional efforts in the championship finals across several race categories.

Matthai won the INAC-Open Class with an amazing show of speed and skill. He drove his VW Polo to victory, setting a lap time of 1:26.000 that left his competitors completely behind. Naveen Puligilla came in second with a time of 1:33.422, and Nikhil J came in third with a time of 1:33.824. Uday Pilani was far behind with a time of 1:28.909.

With a time of 1:25.094, Nikhil J set a rapid pace in the INAC 1 Class (800cc to 1650cc), showing that he was the best in the class. Dhruva Chandrashekar came in second with a time of 1:26.267, and Ashad Pasha showed off his amazing skills by taking third place with a time of 1:26.854.

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It was very tough in the INAC 2 Class (800cc to 1400cc) and (1401cc to 1650cc), but Ashad Pasha won both with a time of 1:27.840. Kiran Reddy came in second with a time of 1:32.228 and Mazdayar came in third with a time of 1:32.336.

In the INAC 2 Open Class, Dhruva Chandrashekar won with a time of 1:26.738 in the VW Polo, showing his top-level racing skills in a close race against Philippos Matthai and Nikeeta Takkale.

Mazdayar Vatcha from Hyderabad won the INAC 3-Open Class with an excellent time of 1:30.657 seconds. Praveen Dwarkanath from Goa and Amey Desai from Hyderabad came in second and third, with times of 1:31.277 and 1:33.474, respectively.

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In the Subaru 4WD Open category, Daksh Gill won the championship by setting a record-making time of 1:27.786. This was followed by Sravan Kuttor and Mazdayar, who both ran in 1:33.222 and 1:34.002.

In the Time Attack event for women, Nikeeta Takkale from Pune, India, won with a great time of 1:31.380 seconds. Third place went to Nikita Nair, who ran a time of 2:01.456. Second place went to Tarushi Vikram, who raced in 1:32.988.

The INAC championships showcased thrilling motorsport, highlighting drivers' skill and dedication from diverse backgrounds, setting the stage for future excitement.

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