Watch: Ken Block's Final Gymkhana Revealed, Takes on the Track in Audi S1 Hoonitron

The latest and last video featuring Ken Block shows the electric Audi S1 Hoonitron, which was previously driven in Las Vegas, now being driven on the streets of Mexico City.

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After the unfortunate death of Ken Block earlier this year, fans were pleasantly pleased by the release of another exceptional Gymkhana masterpiece as a touching tribute to the late genius. The video, titled "Electrikhana 2: The Mexico City Sessions," was recorded in November 2022, a mere two months prior to Block's unfortunate death in a snowmobile accident.

Ken Block converted Mexico City into a recreational area for his ultimate gymkhana project, demonstrating his extraordinary driving abilities with the completely electric Audi S1 E-Tron Quattro Hoonitron. The term "Electrikhana" is a tribute to the Audi S1 'Hoonitron,' an innovative electric car with dual motors and a power output of 671bhp. This car was prominently showcased in the inaugural Electrikhana film.

This latest addition contributes to the Gymkhana series, which has progressively expanded over time to encompass a range of exhilarating episodes, including Climbkhana and Terrakhana. In the inaugural Electrikhana video, which was published in 2022, Block showcased his driving skills by aggressively manoeuvring through the roads of Las Vegas with the same Audi electric race car.

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The Audi S1 E-Tron Quattro Hoonitron showcases its distinctive electric power setup, with the front wheels rotating in the opposite direction to the rear wheels. This captivating exhibition highlights the impressive capabilities of electric power and many motors. This ultimate gymkhana film serves as a suitable testimony to Ken Block's enduring legacy in the realm of exhilarating motor entertainment.

Who was Ken Block?

Ken Block, a renowned stunt driver and acclaimed YouTube star, made a lasting impression with his famed "Gymkhana" videos, which displayed awe-inspiring and frequently audacious automobile manoeuvres. Block achieved international recognition as the prominent figure of the Hoonigan brand and served as a brand representative for prominent vehicle manufacturers such as Subaru, Ford, and Audi.

In addition to his exceptional career in stunt driving, Block also achieved remarkable success as an entrepreneur in the skateboard shoe sector, notably founding DC Shoes.

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Looking back on the adventure, it's incredible that 15 years have gone by since the release of the original Gymkhana video in 2008 when Block made an unforgettable first impression by wreaking havoc on a deserted airport. The series saw progressive development, with each new release pushing the limits of extremity. Block's influence on automotive entertainment is unquestionable, seen through his twelve primary Gymkhana videos and numerous spin-offs.

Block's race shop and the Hoonigan headquarters, located in Park City, Utah, functioned as the central hub of his activities. The shop contained a remarkable collection of customised cars, such as the Subaru WRX, Ford Focus, Fiesta, and a major electric Audi showcased in Block's "Electrikhana 1 and Electrikhana 2" videos. Ken Block's influential contributions to the automobile industry and beyond continue to carry on his legacy.

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