This Honda E-Scooter Can Fold and Fit Inside Your Car, Seems Right Out of a Sci-fi Episode

Honda has unveiled the new Motocompacto, a modern all-electric take on the Honda Motocompo that was on sale in the 1980s. The e-scooter will be sold online and through Honda and Acura dealers. It is priced at USD 995 which is roughly around Rs 82,000.

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Honda has unveiled the Motocompacto – the latest model in the electric scooter industry. This quirky and interesting e-scooter stands out from others in its class, thanks to the way it combines vintage style with contemporary technology. The Honda Motocompo was a folding scooter, which gained popularity in the 1980s and serves as the inspiration for the Motocompacto. The new version is fitted with an all-electric motor, unlike its predecessor. This scooter is sure to draw attention everywhere it goes. Although the brand-new Motocompacto borrows from the past, it still has a design that seems to have been taken out of a sci-fi movie set. Needless to say, the internet is going crazy over its out-of-the-world design. Interestingly, it can be compressed into a small suitcase-like shape. When unfolded, the vehicle has a seat, a handlebar, and footpegs. Along with lights at the front and back, there is even a side stand. Here's all that you need to know about this new sensation in town.

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Honda Motocompacto: Dimensions 

Honda Motocompacto E Scooter

The Honda Motocompacto is a groundbreaking innovation that transcends the traditional limitations of range and performance. It can be quite useful in large campuses, workplaces, industrial hubs, urban centres, and tourist destinations, making it an ideal solution for final-mile commuting.

In its rideable configuration, the Honda Motocompacto has compact dimensions, measuring just 968mm in length, 437mm in width, and 889mm in height. This represents a significant reduction in size compared to Honda's initial Motocompo scooter. Honda recommends the simplest way to store the Motocompacto when not in use is by conveniently stowing it in the trunk of a car, showcasing its exceptional portability.

Notably, Honda's engineering teams in Ohio and California collaborated to bring this innovative scooter to life.

Honda Motocompacto: Mechanical Details

Powered by a 490-watt electric motor, with 16Nm of torque, the Motocompacto has a top speed of 24km/h and a 6.8Ah battery pack, which, the brand claims offers a range of 19 kilometres. The scooter comes with an onboard charger, which, when plugged into a 15-amp outlet, can fully charge a completely depleted battery in 3.5 hours. Thanks to its weight of just 19kgs, the Motocompacto can be easily managed while travelling.

Honda Motocompacto: Features Onboard

Honda Motocompacto Speedometer

Honda claims that the recently unveiled Motocompacto is the ideal electric scooter for all urban environments. With a comfortable seat, good stability, secure footholds, onboard storage, a charge gauge, and a digital speedometer, it has been designed to give customers a comfortable riding experience. This allows the riders to keep an eye on important information like speed, range, and time.

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Honda Motocompacto: Price

The Motocompacto will go on sale in the US in November for USD 995 (roughly Rs 82,000). However, for the Indian market, where customers are more budget-conscious, it is still quite expensive, considering there are a range of options with far more features in the same price bracket.

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