BMW 3 Series, Track Test

By Abhishek Chaliha | on November 20, 2019

As I jumped into the driver’s seat, hit the starter button, and began heading out of the pitlane onto the smooth, flowing tarmac of the BIC, I felt a nice, wide grin settle on my face. The 330i has always been an absolute delight to drive on the track, and this new car is no different. The way it flows from one corner to the next is simply beautiful. You don’t have to be aware of its perfect 50:50 weight distribution to realise just how well balanced it really is. 

To make things even better, the new 3 Series has a stiffer bodyshell and 50% stiffer front suspension mounting points. So, as you push the throttle while exiting a corner, the car just charges effortlessly ahead. And when you brake hard to enter a corner and power out of it, the car just balances itself brilliantly.

My only complaint here is that it loses that tail wagging, happy nature of its predecessors. But you have to be very skilled behind the wheel to enjoy that anyway – for everyone else, this will feel far safer, more composed and better in every way than before. It certainly provides a near-perfect balance between performance and comfort.  

BMW 330i Parameters

And, from a comfort standpoint, the new 3 is longer and wider than its predecessor – providing a lot more room inside the cabin. You can even sit comfortably at the back, which is a first for a 3 Series. Not only is the cabin more spacious than before, but it’s also better put together than ever – with subtle luxury car styling cues, such as aluminium trim inserts and switchgear, as well as supple tan leather upholstery, all of which make it the most luxurious 3 Series cabin ever. 

Aside from the size, the new 3 also has better road presence than its predecessors, with its flared front bumper, prominent chrome kidney grille, and those angular LED headlamps, all of which give it a very distinct identity on the road. In terms of tech, you get a new digital instrument cluster, along with an 8.7-inch infotainment system, as well as your very own personal assistant, accessible through voice commands. 

It’s all pretty impressive! Here’s a 3 Series that you will not only enjoy driving as much as before but one that amps up the luxury and comfort quotients like never before.

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