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By autoX Editorial | on March 4, 2022

As the Nissan Magnite recently celebrated its first anniversary since launch, what better way to highlight its stellar journey than by hearing about it right from the horse’s mouth? So, we invited a couple of Magnite owners to share their journey and experience of living with the compact SUV so far…

Before we begin, let’s dive into a brief background of the owners and get to know them. An avid car enthusiast and a travel junkie at heart, Smriti Khanna is an Advertising Specialist from Delhi and enjoys going on road trips with her Magnite. A dentist by profession, Shivam Kapoor takes pride in working as a Tobacco Control Advocate as well and takes a keen interest in the world of cars. Keep reading to learn about their respective journeys with their Nissan Magnite

Nissan Magnite Front Motion

How has your experience been so far with the Nissan Magnite?

Smriti: Overall, it’s been a very nice experience so far. I am very happy with the product.

Shivam: In a word, incredible! I purchased my Magnite in July 2021 out of necessity as I had sold my previous car. And back then, as I was forced to move to Delhi during the COVID-19 lockdown, my car basically served as a caravan till the time my living arrangements were finalised in the city. Therefore, the Magnite was actually my home for many days and I could not have asked for a better one, to be honest! So, yes, the experience has been incredible.

Nissan Magnite Interior

What was the key factor that made you choose the Magnite? Any particular product highlight that caught your attention?

Smriti: Well, to begin with, I was always interested in purchasing a car from a Japanese brand. So, on that front, Nissan was without a doubt a front runner. And when I was going through the list of models that suited my requirement, I came across the Magnite. When I had a chance to go through its brochure and see what all it had to offer, my decision was pretty much finalised then and there! I fell in love with the car…

Shivam: I was instantly drawn to the number and quality of features that the Magnite has to offer. Given its attractive pricing and the fact that it’s a compact SUV for hatchback money, I felt the ‘value for money’ quotient of the Magnite was absolutely spot on!

Nissan Magnite Customer Picture Shivam Kapoor'I was instantly drawn to the number and quality of features that the Magnite has to offer'

A special memory that you have with your Magnite and would like to share? Perhaps a special occasion or memorable road trip?

Smriti: Well, I love cars, and to make the occasion a memorable one, I purchased my car on 14th February 2021. So, it’s been a love affair right from the start! I also love travelling and am particularly fond of driving up to Vaishno Devi. So that’s one of the first out of station road trips that I undertook in the Magnite. The experience was rewarding, to say the least.

Shivam: The first one is a family road trip I undertook from Delhi to Jaipur. It was a proud moment for me as it was the first time that I could take my entire family along with me on such a trip. It was also my first ‘real’ test drive of the Magnite as the route to Amer Fort involved a lot of uphill driving. The other memory is when my father underwent treatment for a medical emergency and I had to drive him to and from the hospital. Again, we ended up spending a lot of time in the car so, to me, my Magnite is more like a family member!

Nissan Magnite Customer Picture Smriti Khanna'To make the occasion a memorable one, I purchased my Magnite on 14th February'

How was your Nissan dealership experience?

Smriti: The folks at YouWe Nissan, the dealership in Delhi I purchased my car from, have been wonderful to deal with. The connection that I had with the sales team and its executives was strong from the get-go. In fact, I strongly feel that personal attention from the sales team is what leads to a fruitful interaction and a healthy relationship in the long run. So, on this front, YouWe Nissan has delivered very well. I am proud to say that I have a strong personal connection with the entire YouWe Nissan team!

Shivam: The Magnite had a really long waiting period when I had purchased it. I had booked the car in December 2020 and I got the delivery in July 2021. The waiting period was consistent with what I had been informed at the time of booking. So, the overall buying process was seamless and it experience as such was terrific!

Nissan Magnite Rear View Mirror Look

Owing to your pleasant ownership experience, would you recommend the Nissan Magnite to your family and friends?

Smriti: Why not! For me, the Magnite represents value for money, a fun-to-drive SUV and, in fact, this is my first-ever automatic car. I feel that most people have some misconceptions about automatic cars – that they’re either expensive to buy and maintain or are riddled with faults. However, the Magnite, as a product, has been very effective in proving these misconceptions wrong. So, I would definitely recommend the Magnite to my family & friends. 

Nissan Magnite Fender Badge

Shivam: Given its good fuel economy figure and the overall package it offers, I think there is no reason why I should not recommend it to anyone else. So, yes, I will definitely recommend the Magnite to my family & friends! 

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