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By Team autoX | on July 20, 2021

With its customer-centric approach – which includes taking significant steps to reduce the cost of ownership of its cars, among other new initiatives – Volkswagen has successfully revitalised its India operations.

There’s no denying that Indian consumers are a hard nut to crack – not only do they expect a product to be the best-of-the-best but also light on their pockets. An average car buyer in India demands a vehicle that is fun to drive, looks great, has an efficient and powerful engine, and, most importantly, is cost-effective to maintain. And this brings us to Volkswagen products in India.

Known for their impeccable build quality, cutting-edge drivetrains, and mature driving dynamics, Volkswagen cars have a huge fan following in India, and deservedly so. As any Volkswagen car owner will tell you, once you drive a VW, you’re not likely to be satisfied with anything else.

Volkswagen Assistance Creative

However, while car lovers swear by Volkswagen’s driving dynamics, the brand’s reputation in India, over the years, has suffered because of the belief that VW cars are quite expensive to maintain, which, consequently, has deterred people from buying one. Truth be told, it’s exactly that – a belief and not a reality. That Volkswagen cars cost a bomb to maintain is more of hearsay than a fact.

Now, in order to change this unfounded perception of car buyers, Volkswagen India is taking all the necessary steps to raise awareness amongst its prospective car buyers. Moreover, the company has also launched a number of initiatives to lower the cost of ownership of their cars in the country.

Volkswagen Polo Dealership Display

Bringing the Change

According to Volkswagen India, the company has adopted a ‘holistic’ approach to provide accessible information, reduced cost of ownership, and peace-of-mind value proposition to car buyers. In order to do so, Volkswagen India has taken some key steps. For instance, the prices of Volkswagen Genuine Spare parts have been reduced by an average of 11%, ensuring greater customer satisfaction and lower maintenance costs. The engine oil price for petrol models has been reduced by nearly 32%, while Service Value Packages’ benefits can go anywhere up to 24%.

Volkswagen Service Manager And Client Interaction

What’s more, the company’s best-selling products – the Polo and Vento – are now up to 25% more economical (depending on the variant) in terms of periodic maintenance. These are small but significant steps to ensure that living with a Volkswagen vehicle is a cost-effective, transparent, and fuss-free experience.

Prices of Volkswagen Genuine spare parts have been reduced by an average of 11%, ensuring greater customer satisfaction and lower maintenance costs  

What sweetens the deal further for Volkswagen customers is initiatives like the 4EVER Care package. Under this scheme, new Volkswagen cars in India are covered by a 4 years / 100,000km standard warranty. In fact, customers can extend the warranty period by another 3 years, making it a total of 7 years.

Additionally, 4-year Roadside Assistance and 3 labour free services are also offered as part of the 4EVER Care programme.

Increased Transparency

For greater transparency during the service of a vehicle, Volkswagen recently introduced Service Cam and Service Cost Calculator facilities for its customers. The former allows customers to monitor the additional repair and maintenance work on their vehicles through detailed videos, while the latter gives them a fair estimate of the repair or maintenance work beforehand. The service team begins the additional repair or maintenance work on a vehicle only after the customer has approved it.

This whole procedure further strengthens the relationship between Volkswagen India and its customers through a digital experience that’s seamless, easy-to-use, and transparent

Volkswagen Workshop Technician

At your Door-Step

To further delight its customers, the company’s Volkswagen Assistance and Mobile Service Units fleet now covers nearly 80% of the country, with door-step service facilities. According to the company, small repair or maintenance work or a quick vehicle health check-up of a vehicle before a long road trip can be performed at the customer’s place without any need for them to visit a VW workshop.

With the launch of the Taigun around the corner, Volkswagen is pulling out all the stops to ensure an all-round exclusive experience for buyers

Given the insidious presence of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems like a right step in the right direction, for customers don’t have to expose themselves to the risk of contracting the disease by visiting a service station for small repair works. Additionally, the Mobile Service Unit can also conduct service operations in remote locations, thereby, bringing greater peace of mind to Volkswagen customers.

Volkswagen Das Welt Auto Smartphone App

Also, customers can now connect with Volkswagen India through WhatsApp. It’s a really convenient step, for it allows customers to access a lot of services – information on a product, service packages, roadside assistance, and extended warranty – right from their smartphone.

Sarvottam 2.0

With the launch of the Taigun around the corner, Volkswagen is pulling out all the stops to ensure an all-around exclusive experience for buyers. Under its Sarvottam 2.0 initiative, Volkswagen India is aiming to make its brand, products, and services more accessible and more transparent. And given the efforts and measures of the company in the last 12 months, there is no doubt that VW India has laid the right foundations.

Now, with world-class technology, stunning design, and efficient powertrain options, coupled with Volkswagen’s customer-oriented approach and a promise of a low-cost ownership experience, the Taigun undoubtedly will be a force to be reckoned with.

Volkswagen Service Manager And Client In Car Interaction

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