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By Team autoX | on November 16, 2020

The arrival of the Volkswagen Taigun will herald the beginning of a brand-new age for VW in India – the intensification of an SUV offensive, where the brand is targeting the young, tech-savvy and modern Indian customer. We take a close look at the Volkswagen Taigun to see what makes it the ideal candidate for the Indian market. 

In the centuries of studies on humankind, scientists and academics alike have discovered many an interesting fact about how our species acts, behaves and interacts. But, in the past two centuries, perhaps the most fascinating discovery has been that of evolution and how deeply the process of evolution affects us, not just as humans in the singular form, but also how it affects our ever-changing preferences and even buying habits. 

For example, a century ago, the preferred mode of transportation was either walking or getting on horseback. Automobiles were in their infancy and people weren’t sure if automobiles were, in fact, the future. But, a century of evolution later, here we are, and the automobile is by far the most popular means of transport across the world – and the daily lives of billions of people depend on them. 



Of course, in the past couple of decades, there has been another global evolution – that of a switch to the SUV body style from virtually every other form of vehicle type. And the Indian market hasn’t been able to resist this change either. In today’s market, SUVs are the product that every customer wants, and SUV sales are booming. Of course, in India, there’s another change also taking place. A developing preference for ‘Made-in-India’ cars, with both customers and the government encouraging a switch to local production. 


This, naturally, presents the perfect opportunity for Volkswagen to make optimal use of their knowledge and experience in India, and produce something totally customised from the ground up – a brand-new platform. Globally, the Volkswagen platforms score highly on many fronts – safety, quality and cutting-edge engineering being some of the qualities that VW is famous for. 


Keeping this rich history in mind, it’s only fair that, to launch their latest salvo in India, Volkswagen has decided to develop a custom-made platform for their latest range of products – called the MQB A0 IN. And the Taigun will be the first Volkswagen mid-size SUV made on this platform. Derived from the highly successful MQB platform, which has been a smash hit in Europe, and other markets, the Taigun will instantly gain an advantage over its rivals by being based on a superior platform. 

Of course, basing products on a brand-new platform has many benefits. For instance, with the MQB A0 IN, Volkswagen can customise the platform to better suit Indian requirements. This means that not only will the Taigun offer high ground clearance to deal with Indian roads better, but will also provide a longer wheelbase to maximise interior room – thereby enabling the Taigun to offer plenty of interior space and comfort within its mid-size footprint.  



An important aspect of getting any vehicle right is making sure its design appeals to customers. And, on this front, the Taigun starts with a natural advantage, because the design language of VW’s range of SUVs has always been praiseworthy. With clean lines, a bold fascia and strong details, VW’s SUV family has a very cohesive design language that reflects in the design of the Taigun, both inside and out. 

One look at the Taigun, and you can see that, despite drawing inspiration from the global line-up of VW SUVs, the Taigun has a young and vibrant feel to it. From the big air dams in the front bumper to the front end, with its unique headlamps and grille, the Taigun instantly makes a strong impression. The best part of the Taigun, though, has to be the attention to detail. Right from the restrained use of chrome and the width-spanning LED tail lamp, to the strong character lines in profile and the fantastic wheels, there are terrific design cues wherever you look. 


But it’s not just the design of the Taigun that’s promising. One look at the interior, and you can tell that the Taigun been created to provide class-leading space, but, at the same time, also make its occupants feel like they’re sitting in their own luxurious cocoon. Of course, the technology that Volkswagen promises to equip the Taigun with remains absolutely cutting-edge – right from its multimedia connectivity to the latest-generation of refined, yet powerful, engines, and, of course, the most sophisticated gearboxes. 


Another particular area of focus with the Taigun has been the aspect of safety. While Volkswagen is already famous for its safety standards, the Taigun too will offer all the essential features and technologies to ensure that it’s class-leading when it comes to the safety of its occupants. 


With the Taigun, there are two concurrent evolutions happening in the Indian market. One, of course, is the evolution of Volkswagen as a brand, producing custom designed vehicles for the Indian market. And, second, is the continuing evolution of the Indian customer, where SUVs remain the default choice. Nevertheless, with Volkswagen’s SUV offensive strengthening with the arrival of the Taigun – which the brand promises will set new benchmarks in quality, safety and driving appeal – 2021 promises to be a great year, not just for the Indian automotive market, but also for the modern, demanding and discerning Indian customer.

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Some of the highlights that customers can expect on the Taigun include cutting-edge technology and excellent design details.

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