Sponsored Feature: Living it up with the Renault Triber

By Team autoX | on January 18, 2020

The Renault Triber is a car that embodies an innovative spirit, which, together with the innovative musical notes of Susmit Sen – the founder of Indian Ocean – offers the perfect recipe for an unforgettable evening! 

In a world marred by excess, true innovation is not easy to come by. This is especially true for the world of automobiles. Discovering something new and exciting can be arduous for the simple reason that the market is already full of different types of vehicles. 

The India Challenge 
Now, given that the Indian automotive market is perhaps the most complex in the world, this ordinarily difficult task becomes even more challenging. There are only a handful of cars that have succeeded in offering customers something new – something unique; something innovative.
The Renault Triber is one such product. It belongs to a segment that has been seen as intensely risky. It’s under four meters long, and yet it’s spacious and offers seating for seven people – a very difficult trick to pull off, especially for a car with a total length of under four metres. However, with a combination of its smart seats and a very well-designed layout, the Triber successfully manages to meet its goal of being very spacious and practical. 

band and a musician par excellence

From the adjustable second row to the air vents for the second and third rows, the Triber’s attention to detail is laudable – especially when it comes to things that matter to Indian consumers. Here, Renault engineers deserve special credit for designing a product that successfully incorporates space, comfort, features, and practicality in a car of this size. 

The Band 
The aim here is not just to understand the practicality that the Triber offers in theory, but actually to see if these ‘innovations’ can be put to the test in the real-world. So, we teamed up with Susmit Sen – the founder of the famed ‘Indian Ocean’ band and a musician par excellence.
To begin this unique challenge, we drove the Triber to his house. I was a bit sceptical if there would be enough space for all the instruments and equipment of a full band, which would be needed to make the evening fun. 

But with the 3rd row stowed, the Triber had enough space not just for Susmit’s guitar but also for the entire kit of the Susmit Sen trio. Despite its compact footprint, the Triber’s easily configurable smart seats and practicality allowed all of us and the equipment to fit comfortably in the car. 

Its people and stuff carrying capacity aside, the Triber works fantastically well as an everyday car in Indian conditions. Its drivability, comfort, and practicality are simply unmatched. 

The ride quality, too, is fantastic. Renault has specially developed this car for the Indian market, something that’s quite evident in its features, such as the effective air-conditioning system, for instance. 

Renault Triber front Wheel

The Package 
One of the major highlights of Triber is its beautiful design. It looks elegant, well-proportioned, and premium – all this despite complying with the unique sub-four-metre rule of the Indian market. Overall, Renault’s designers have done a great job of giving us a premium-looking car at an affordable price. 

Add to that its practicality, and what you have is a complete package that’s well-suited to the Indian market. 

The Performance
Of course, the highlight of any time spent with Susmit is his phenomenal guitar work – and our day out with him was no different. After setting up all the gear, Susmit decided to give us a masterclass in guitar work and treated us to some fantastic melodies. You see, much like the Triber is innovative in its design and practicality, Susmit’s musical style too is innovative and full of surprises. 

Guitarist Played the Guitar in Renault Triber

Despite belonging to an era of guitarists who played the guitar in the western style, Susmit invented his own style – something that was very Indian in spirit and form. It was the birth of a new and innovative musical style, which we today identify with Susmit’s music and the Indian Ocean band. 
Much in the way that Susmit invented his own style – in that he wholly innovated the Indian fusion style of guitar playing – making it impossible to compartmentalise him into a typical genre, so too has Triber charted new ground in the Indian automotive industry.  

So, it would be fair to say that the Triber‘s incomparable package of immense practicality and value for money is nothing short of a revolution for the Indian market, not unlike the way Susmit’s fantastic guitar style was a revolution for the Indian music scene.  

Renault Triber Steering Wheel

Given the tall profile of the Triber, space inside the cabin is ample and can even accomodate large humans or objects easily, as you can see from Susmit’s guitar inside the car. 

Renault Triber Cabin space

Cabin space and practicality of the Triber is mighty impressive. The flexible seating ensures that you can even carry a band’s full equipment in the car.  

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