Sponsored Feature: Revelling in the versatility of the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

By Team autoX | on August 25, 2020

The new Tiguan Allspace offers a unique blend of style, performance, space, and versatility. But what is it exactly that makes the Allspace so versatile and special? 

Whether it’s life or cars, versatility is a much-desired trait. Sure, most of us wish to own a vehicle that rejects the very idea of compromise. For instance, an all-out sports car or an acre-long luxury barge. But, if you drive these vehicles on our roads, you’ll realise they miss out on the comfort and practicality of a versatile vehicle – a vehicle that can do whatever it takes to make your daily life better. 

Whether it’s interior space, boot space, handling chock-a-block traffic, carpeting broken roads, or the capability to do some dune bashing or ice climbing, a versatile vehicle covers all this – and more. And we can’t discount comfort, efficiency, and a modern elegant design, can we now? But is there really such a vehicle? Well, we think that, in today’s world, it shouldn’t be impossible to have a single vehicle that offers it all. 

volkswagen tiguan allspace rear three quarter

Volkswagen India, it seems, has also been thinking on similar lines, and has been working on expanding its product line-up to include more of what Indian customers want – SUVs! And, as part of the SUVW initiative, it’s targeting those customers who not only have demanding standards in terms of the vehicles they choose, but are also highly discerning in the choices they make. In today’s world, where road trips are the last remaining bastion of taking some time off, or enjoying a holiday, there is an increasing demand for SUVs that can not only tackle all kinds of roads and weather conditions but also offer extended practicality to suit all kinds of trips. 

The Tiguan Allspace, from Volkswagen’s SUV line-up, is one such vehicle – a jack-of-all-trades, an automobile factotum, if you will. So, why do we consider the Tiguan to be a truly versatile SUV that’s capable of it all? Let’s examine this in detail. 

volkswagen tiguan allspace cabin

Convenience Galore
Of course, any customer looking to buy a mid-size premium SUV would consider convenience to be a must-have characteristic. And the Tiguan Allspace doesn’t disappoint in this respect, especially with the introduction of the 3rd row of seating. Now, naturally being an SUV, the Tiguan allows for easy ingress and egress. Also, it’s when you are inside the Tiguan, safely cocooned from the outside world, that you realise the difference between an acceptable vehicle and an impressive one. 

Right from the way the doors shut, giving you a sense of security, as if you’re inside a vault, to the soft-touch surfaces and those amazingly comfortable seats, the Tiguan really offers a superlative experience. People often underestimate the idea of being isolated in a car, but once you spend time inside the Tiguan, you’ll realise the beauty of being cocooned in your machine. 

volkswagen tiguan allspace drive modes

Cutting-Edge Tech 
Naturally, the bells and whistles of the Tiguan are expected from the flagship of the Volkswagen range in India. But, still, the Tiguan hits it out of the park and pleasantly surprises you with its cutting-edge technology and first-in-class features. For instance, one look at the Digital Cockpit in the instrument cluster in front of the driver, and you’ll find yourself wondering why no one thought of this before. 

With a high resolution screen, or customised dials, right in the driver’s line of sight, it becomes quite easy to check on important information and the car’s vitals. Similarly, the 3-zone climate control is a boon when travelling with family. In such situations, everyone wants their own temperature setting, and the Tiguan happily obliges. The seven airbags – with a knee airbag for the driver as standard – ensures that the Tiguan offers world-class safety to its occupants. And the standard-fit Panoramic Sunroof comes in handy too, allowing younger ones in the family to get a good look at the night’s sky and gaze at the stars away from the hustle and bustle of everyday urban life. 

volkswagen tiguan allspace side profile

A Question of Power 
The importance of efficiency and power in today’s world doesn’t need any explanation. After all, if you’re thinking of taking a full load of passengers and luggage to faraway destinations, your car needs to have enough power to haul them all that way in utmost comfort and with minimum effort. Now, the Tiguan offers the most powerful engine in its class – the award-winning 2.0-litre TSI engine, offering a stunning mix of 190PS of power, TSI technology, and impressive fuel efficiency. 

Another factor that enhances the driving appeal of the Tiguan is its class-leading gearbox – a dual-clutch 7-speed DSG – which not only offers seamless shifts but also intelligently adapts to the driver’s driving style. And to make sure that the Tiguan can conquer any terrain, it also comes fitted with Volkswagen’s 4MOTION all-wheel-drive system, which allows you to choose from multiple drive modes and gives the Tiguan added ability both on and off-road.  

volkswagen tiguan allspace aluminium

Adding Flamboyance 
An aspect that people tend to forget about SUVs is that they can also be rather stunning looking machines. Sure, most people prefer their SUV in a boring shade of grey or white, but it seems that Volkswagen intends to turn that notion on its head, given the colour palette offered with the Tiguan. With the choice of bright and stunning shades, like habanero orange and ruby red, for the first time, a brand in India is offering an SUV that adds to the style quotient of the owner. 

And it’s exactly this spirit of challenging the ordinary that drives the Tiguan Allspace, and the Volkswagen brand. Whether it’s bright colours, class-leading quality and technology, cutting-edge features and practicality, not to mention the ability to handle any kind of road or weather conditions, the Tiguan radiates excellence on all counts. 

volkswagen tiguan allspace cabin space

In fact, the versatility of the Tiguan Allspace is such that, whether you’re a corporate honcho who wants to be totally isolated from the world during your everyday commute or an enthusiast with a desire to have fun with your car, or a responsible parent taking your kids to their cricket practice with all their gear, or a thrill-seeker looking to do a week long road trip exploring the hinterlands of our country, the Tiguan is perfectly equipped to handle everything you can throw at it. 

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