Interview: 'GEN4 Cars Promise a Different Racing Style,' Says Nissan Formula E Driver Oliver Rowland

In an exclusive interview, Oliver Rowland discusses his impressive comeback to Nissan in Formula E's 10th season, where he's just 14 points behind the series' leader.

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Formula E's 10th season is now in full swing, and Nissan is making its presence felt on the track. Oliver Rowland's triumphant return to Nissan following his departure from Mahindra has been nothing short of remarkable. His victory at the Misano E-Prix stands as compelling evidence of his exceptional skill behind the wheel. Only 14 points separate Rowland from the leader of the series, making him a strong contender for the Formula E season 10 title.

In an exclusive interview, Rowland talks about Nissan's aspirations, the championship's competitive landscape, and his seamless integration into the Japanese team.

So, Oliver, how does the culture of the Nissan team differ from other teams you’ve competed with, not only in Formula E, but in other series as well?

That's a good question. One cool fact about our team is that the average age is extremely young. Everyone's kind of around my age, which creates a great sense of camaraderie. From my perspective, there have been some good memories with the team in the first three seasons. I spent a lot of time there, and there are still a lot of the same people in the key departments. It's just a hard-work mentality that drives everyone. It fills you with confidence knowing that they're doing everything they can to make us perform on track.

Interview with Oliver Rowland Nissan Formula E

It's a good fit for me because I share that same work ethic – I'm competitive and like to get the work done with my head down. As a driver, you need to be confident in what the team is doing. I have no doubt in their abilities. That allows me to just focus on my own job of driving.

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As a racer in a highly competitive series, how do you manage the pressure and expectations?

As a racer in such a competitive series, managing pressure and expectations is a big part of the job. My approach is to stay as normal as possible. Trying to force things can make them feel unnatural. Staying calm is key, and during a busy schedule, grabbing rest whenever possible is crucial. In the end, performing under pressure is part of being a racing driver, and it's something I've been building experience with since I was a kid.

The Formula E Calendar is continuing to expand more and more, this time with Japan What's your take on that? 

I think it's good for the championship to grow, we have a bit of scope to grow still in terms of the number of races. While it might be challenging for drivers with dual racing commitments, I'm personally happy to race in more places around the world. It'll help grow the championship, so I think it's all positive.

Tokyo was a new race that we had this season and you were pretty successful there. Do you think this form that you had with the three podiums in a row will continue in other upcoming races like Shanghai?

It's hard to say for sure. Shanghai will be a tough challenge because the race will be very different from usual. I believe we can still perform well and qualify for a good position. However, the actual race might be tougher.  If we can manage another podium finish here, it would be a huge boost for our season and put us in a strong position to fight for the championship title.

Nissan Formula E Oliver Rowland

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Nissan has confirmed their involvement in Formula E for the GEN4 era. What are your expectations for GEN4? What would you like to see in the GEN4 era, maybe in terms of the regulations for the cars?

I'm excited about Gen4! Faster cars with more grip promise a different racing style. Ideally, the regulations would reduce the slipstream effect and avoid the current peloton-style racing. Overall, I expect higher performance and potentially even slightly longer races.

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