Sergi Canovas Garriga, Managing Director, Ducati India, accepts the award for the SuperSport S

With the SuperSport S, you’ve managed to bring out a sports bike that’s actually practical and easy to ride on a daily basis. How did you manage that?

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Ducati SuperSport S

With the SuperSport S, you’ve managed to bring out a sports bike that’s actually practical and easy to ride on a daily basis. How did you manage that?

The key was that we kept the attitude of the bike and ensured that the components remained sporty, but we changed the seating position of the bike – which makes a big difference. It’s an easy bike to ride, but winning your Performance Motorcycle of the Year award is testimony to the fact that you can take it to a racetrack and enjoy it as well. When we launched the SuperSport S, we had mentioned that not everyone can ride the Panigale to its full potential. Therefore, the SuperSport S gives you that option to ride it on the track, and, at the same time, ride on a daily basis.

Does this mean that the Panigale will take a cue from the SuperSport and be more comfortable in the future?

No, the Panigale is a different bike. There are specific riders for this bike, and that’s why they not only need the 959 but also the 1299. These are a different breed of customers who take the bike to track, as well as ride it daily. Both the SuperSport and Panigale are very good looking bikes, but there’s a massive difference in the seating position. That’s the reason why, at the launch of the SuperSport S, we had put the Panigale beside it so that right away you could feel the difference when you sat on both bikes.

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Also, there are a lot of people who come to the showroom to check out the Panigale. But, once they sit on it, they realise that it’s too aggressive and may be a challenge to ride it every day. So, then they move to the SuperSport and realise that it’s easy to ride and looks cool too.

There’s been a lot of talk about an improvement in the ease of doing business in India, being new to the country on a personal level what’s your view on this?

Definitely, things are a lot easier – especially with GST. From a taxation point of view, when we move bikes from one state to another, it’s much easier now. Also, now there’s more transparency for the customer. Earlier, there was the ex-showroom price that varied from state-to-state, but now there’s one price pan India. 

What’s Ducati’s target volume in India?

There’s no doubt that the Indian market is big. The country itself is huge, and it’s just a matter of time when people will start riding these types of bikes. For that to happen, though, a lot things need to happen beforehand – such as an improvement in the road conditions and safety levels. There is a motorcycling culture here in India, and we see a big potential here. We are not in a hurry. We are here to stay, as we know that in a huge country like this it takes time. It’s important for us to lay down the foundation of our brand, and this way people will understand who we are. This is something that we’ve managed to do. Ask anyone in the motorcycling fraternity here, they will talk about Ducati with respect. The values of the brand are very strong in India.

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Is there any uncertainty over Ducati’s future within the Volkswagen Group?

No, I think our position has always been the same. There have been rumours, not only this year but in previous years as well, but we don’t comment on that. But what I can tell you is that we are part of the group and we are happy to be a part of it.

What’s your best selling bike in India?

The Multistradas have been doing well in India. With the arrival of the Monster 797, we see an increase in a demand in the naked bike segment as well. Then there’s the Scrambler, which is a brand in itself. The beauty of the Scrambler is that it can’t be identified as one single bike. It can be a Café Racer, an urban bike or the Desert Sled, which is a light off-road bike. With such a varied portfolio, Ducati caters to everyone’s needs.

Do you see more riders in India becoming receptive to safety gear?

Definitely! In fact, from next year onwards, anyone who comes into the showroom to test ride a Ducati motorcycle can also try out our riding gear.

Who is the typical Ducati customer here in India?

Our customer is someone who knows about bikes, has experienced them and rides them for leisure. Our customers have the knowledge and are experienced in riding big bikes, but are now looking to upgrade to a more sophisticated bike with more performance.  

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