2024 Beijing Auto Show: Nissan Unveils Four NEV Concepts with Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Power

As for the Indian market, Nissan will soon introduce two new compact SUVs, one of which will have seven seats and be based on the same platform as the much-awaited Renault Duster.

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Nissan has unveiled a fresh line of new energy vehicles (NEVs) at the ongoing Auto China 2024. The carmaker, in collaboration with local partner Dongfeng, revealed the Epoch EV and Evo plug-in hybrid cars, along with the Epic EV and Era plug-in hybrid SUVs. The concept models are specifically designed to offer cleaner mobility solutions in China. Besides this, the Japanese firm announced its intention to launch a New Energy Vehicle (NEV) in China, increasing the total planned vehicle launches for the country to five by FY 2026. However, no concrete details are available regarding the fifth concept car. Meanwhile, Nissan is also displaying the Hyper Punk and Hyper Force concepts at the event, showcasing its commitment and competence in future mobility.

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Nissan Epoch

The Nissan Epoch concept car, designed as an all-electric sedan targeting 'urban and suburban go-getters', hints at the possibility of being a small car. With a focus on design and technology, it's poised to capture the interest of younger generations. Nissan claims that the Epoch is equipped with AI-enhanced Internet of Things capabilities, along with a virtual personal assistant capable of understanding emotions.

Nissan Epic

The Nissan Epic electric crossover shares similarities with the Epoch in terms of both packaging and architecture. According to Nissan, its target audience is 'adventurous city couples who explore on weekends.' Meant for both city and highway travel, the subcompact SUV will have autonomous driving capabilities. Additionally, it will have the capacity for bi-directional charging, allowing gadgets to be charged while camping.

Nissan Evo

The Nissan Evo Concept combines plug-in electric vehicle technology with advanced safety features and intelligent driving. It features improvements in the form of a virtual personal assistant driven by artificial intelligence, which highlights Nissan's dedication to connectivity and innovation in the electric vehicle market.

Nissan Era

The Nissan Era concept is a plug-in hybrid SUV designed for young professionals who love to drive. Although it has a more aggressive front end and a rugged design that seems out of place with its urban focus, it looks similar to the electric Epic concept. The plug-in hybrid crossover has 'zero-gravity seats' and an integrated infotainment system. Regardless of the terrain, it offers a confident drive, thanks to its sophisticated e-4ORCE AWD system and active air suspension.

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The carmaker has not only revealed the concepts but also confirmed it will partner with top intelligence systems and AI-based service providers to integrate new technologies into its vehicles for China and other markets. As for the Indian market, Nissan will soon introduce two new compact SUVs, one of which will have seven seats and will be based on the same platform as the much-awaited Renault Duster. By 2026, both Nissan SUVs should be available in India.

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