JKNRC 2018: Brayan Perera and Ashwin Datta dominate Day 2 of Round 2 of the Euro JK 18

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Race 3 of the Euro JK Cup 2018 saw Ashwin Datta storm to the front of the pack but an action packed battle followed as Nayan Chatterjee and Karthik Tharani went all out to chase down Datta on the leader board. But as the race progressed to its end, Datta who had by then cemented his dominance for the race managed a 0.545 second lead over Chatterjee. But Karthik Tharani fell behind by quite a margin at 4.980 seconds. This time around Sudarshan Rao Karwal dropped all the way to the end of the ranks while Mira Erda raked in a DNF for the race.

The final Euro JK 2018 race though saw a turn of events as Sri Lankan driver Brayan Perera who had finished 5th in the previous race, took the top spot on the podium owing to Nirmal Uma Shankar’s stalled start on the reverse grid. The start also favoured Yash Aradhya who tried to pace up to Perera was kept in check as Karthik Tharani put the pressure on in a battle that lasted for the most part of the race.

Euro Jk Cup 2018 Round 2

All this time Perera just continued to open up his lead which saw him race comfortably to a win. Meanwhile, Tharani was taken at turn 1 by Datta and Chatterjee who crossed the finish line in the order as Tharani was followed in by Sudarshan Rao Karwal in fifth place. Aradhya though was handed a 10 second penalty for a jump start which took him off podium standings. At the end of it, Perera had a 4.046 second lead over Datta.

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