Le Mans 24 Hours: New H24EVO Hydrogen-electric Prototype Revealed at Circuit de la Sarthe

MissionH24 is a project that wants to prove hydrogen can be a good fuel option for racing cars. They're also working on the rules and regulations for using it in sports car races.

By Divyam Dubey | on June 15, 2024 Follow us on Autox Google News

Mission H24 took the wraps off their latest hydrogen-powered racing prototype, the H24EVO, at Circuit de La Sarthe's Hydrogen Village. This third iteration marks a significant advancement, featuring a new monocoque from German builder ADESS. The H24EVO is powered by a robust 300kW Symbio multi-stack fuel cell, enhancing its performance. Safety is prioritized with two 7.8kg hydrogen tanks strategically placed between the driver and the powertrain. Aiming for 30-minute stints and quick two-minute refuelling stops, the prototype aspires to match the speed of the fastest GT3 cars. Despite not getting FIA homologation, the H24EVO shows hydrogen racing is serious, with an anticipated race debut in 2026.

President of H24Project and co-president of MissionH24 Jean-Michel Bouresche said: 'The objective we have set for ourselves is for the H24EVO to be the first FIA-homologated electric-hydrogen prototype and for it to present a level of performance equivalent to the best GT3s. To do this, we must integrate the latest technologies to have the necessary power. I would like to take this opportunity to salute Symbio’s very strong involvement in the H24EVO program.'

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MissionH24's third race car, the H24EVO, was initially expected to debut in 2025. However, according to Technical Director Bassel Aslan, it is now more likely to start racing in 2026. Meanwhile, last year, Toyota unveiled its hydrogen-powered prototype, aiming to enter the vehicle in the 2026 Le Mans.

Mission H24EVO: Techical Specification

The new H24EVO brings substantial enhancements, nearly doubling its horsepower to 872bhp from 470bhp and shedding 180kg compared to its predecessor. Additionally, the hydrogen-electric powertrain now boasts 50 per cent more power density.

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This project by MissionH24 is all about promoting hydrogen as a clean racing fuel and paving the way for its future use in sports car racing. The organizer, ACO, is on board and will welcome hydrogen cars (powered by either fuel cells or combustion engines) to the prestigious Le Mans race as early as 2028, with the first contenders expected on the grid the following year.

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