Ola S1 X: Prices and Variants Explained

The recently launched Ola S1 X, the firm's latest product, and its most affordable electric scooter, stirred a significant amount of buzz in the country's two-wheeler industry. The S1 X went on sale on the eve of India's 77th Independence Day at a starting price of Rs 89,999 (ex-showroom).

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The recently launched Ola S1 X – the firm's latest product and its most affordable electric scooter – caused a significant amount of buzz in the country's two-wheeler market. The S1 X went on sale on the eve of the country's 77th Independence Day at a starting price of Rs 89,999 (ex-showroom). With this launch, the manufacturer is attempting to boost EV sales and offer a wide range of models to suit the needs of buyers from different walks of life. The new S1 X lineup, though, can be perplexing to some. The new Ola S1 X will be available in three different configurations: the S1 X with a 2kWh battery pack, the S1 X with a 3kWh battery pack, and the S1 X+. Here's everything you should know regarding each of the three variants.

The Ola S1 X line of scooters shares the same hardware as the S1 Air. They come with steel wheels, drum brakes on both ends, telescopic front forks, dual rear shocks, Eco, Normal, and Sport modes, reverse mode, 34-litre trunks, saddle heights of 805mm, combi brake systems, LED headlights, and 12-inch wheels.

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Ola S1 X (2kWh)

In this entry-level model, a 2.7kW motor is connected to a 2kWh Lithium-ion battery. Its maximal speed is 85km/h, and its true range in Eco mode is 85 kilometres. A 350W charger is included with the scooter, which weighs 101 kilograms. It lacks certain essential functions, like keyless operation, OTA updates, music controls, GPS, and call and SMS notifications. Ola Electric has added a 3.5-inch LCD and a physical key to the base model to minimise costs. It comes with a price tag of Rs 89,999 (ex-showroom).

Ola S1 X (3kWh)

With a 3kWh battery pack, the S1 X has a range of 151 kilometres, a top speed of 90km/h, and a 0 to 40km/h acceleration time of 3.3 seconds. The mid-range S1 X receives the identical battery and motor configuration as the hub-mounted S1 Air. It weighs 7 kilograms more than the base model. It also gets a 3.5-inch LCD instrument cluster. The firm claims that the battery pack can be fully charged in 7.4 hours. The price for the variant stands at Rs 99,999 (ex-showroom).

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Ola S1 X + (3kWh)

Although Ola has given the S1 X + a 3kWh battery, which is mated to a 2.7kW motor, it only has a top speed of 90km/h and a range of 125 kilometres. The S1 X +, however, gets OTA updates, music control, remote boot lock/unlock, Bluetooth/GPS connectivity, turn-by-turn navigation, cruise control, predictive maintenance, and Ola app management. The asking price for the variant is Rs 1.10 lakh (ex-showroom).

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