Engler V12 is the World's First Super Quad Bike; Claims an Insane 1184bhp and 402km/h

Engler has equipped the V12 Superquad with a robust engine. Although it boasts a standard output of 700–800bhp, you may upgrade to 1,184bhp and 1200Nm of torque for even more power.

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Engler Automotive stunned the world in 2019 with its innovative take on automotive performance—a quad bike propelled by an Audi R8's 5.2-litre V10 engine. They are raising the stakes now with an even more impressive concept: a quad bike with a 1,184bhp V12 engine. With that kind of power, it can outdistance supercars such as the Lamborghini Revuelto and Ferrari SF90. However, the fact that the Engler V12 isn't actually a car adds to how crazy this is. It is important to note that there will only be 20 Engler V12s up for grabs, one of which is reserved by the founder, making it an extremely limited-edition vehicle. Viktor Engler, the company's founder, claimed in a video that he was challenged to create the Engler V12 by a client who was hankering after something even more unique than the original model.

Victor said, 'In 2020, one of my clients presented me with a challenge: "Create for me a unique Engler, one that only a few of us can possess – a creation even more extraordinary than the DESAT." Motivated by this task, I immediately sought out Stefan, the CEO of Valta Engineering, our trusted in-house development partner. Within a matter of weeks, the initial visualisations were transformed into reality.'

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Engler V12 Quad Bike: Design Cues

Engler V12 Rear and Side View

The new V12 Superquad from Engler has an elegant and visually stunning design language. With contoured lines and a few aerodynamic accessories, it emphasises simplicity with remarkable efficiency. The company has added quad bike-based design elements to the model to give it a more classic look. The vehicle's performance-focused features, such as its high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres and forged magnesium wheels with carbon-ceramic discs, are prominent. Furthermore, the front and rear 20-inch wheels provide the best possible road handling. A titanium exhaust with a ceramic coating helps reduce weight and manage heat.

Engler V12 Quad Bike: Powertrain

Engler has equipped the V12 Superquad with a robust engine. Although it boasts a standard output of 700–800bhp, you may upgrade to 1,184bhp and 1200Nm of torque for even more power. This top-tier version weighs 1200 kg overall and has 1,184bhp and 1200Nm of torque, earning it "Triple One Status". Engler's first-ever in-house dual-clutch gearbox is one of the primary components of the Superquad. This lightweight gearbox weighs about 30kg. The gearbox, created in collaboration with the Technical University of Kosice in Slovakia, is presently undergoing rigorous testing. According to Engler, it aims to provide a driving experience that focuses on the seamless relationship between driver and machine.

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Engler V12 Quad Bike: Features

Engler's V12 Superquad offers two touchscreens, one for driving information and another for entertainment (with Apple CarPlay integration). Furthermore, Engler prioritises safety, with a focus on hands-free controls. The V12, like the DESAT, has no pedals, making it particularly wheelchair-friendly. All of the Superquad's functions are controlled via buttons on the steering wheel for convenience and focus while driving.

Engler V12 Touchscreens and Handle

The model is loaded with modern conveniences such as customisable seating positions, opulent hand-stitched leather seats (a la Hermès bag), and powerful Laser LED headlights. Enhancing aerodynamics is a height-adjustable windscreen. Moreover, it has in-house developed shock absorbers and 3D-printed titanium suspension. The carbon monocoque design, which incorporates 3D-printed titanium connectors, stresses structural stability.

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