Fiat Abarth 600e Revealed in Scorpionissima Launch Edition, Is the Brand's Most Powerful EV Yet with 237bhp

Hypnotic Purple, the paint job that the new Fiat Abarth 600e Scorpionissima Launch Edition is decked out in, looks attractive when paired with the gloss-black trim, dual-tone alloy wheels, and the acid-green scorpion insignia on the front fenders.

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The Abarth version of the 600e has been introduced by Stellantis, the parent company of Fiat, in addition to the electric and mildly hybrid combustion engine variants that went on sale last year. The firm's most recent product, the Abarth 600e, is an all-electric tribute to the Fiat 600 from the 1950s and 1960s that has far greater power and a limited launch edition. Upon launch, the Italian manufacturer will sell 1,949 units of the limited-run Scorpionissima edition. Although the pricing and availability in the UK have not yet been disclosed, one might anticipate a starting price of about £40,000. Hypnotic Purple, the paint job that the Launch Edition is decked out in, looks attractive when paired with the gloss-black trim, dual-tone alloy wheels, and the acid-green scorpion insignia on the front fenders. Notably, the 600e is the most potent Abarth vehicle ever, despite its comparatively low 237bhp power rating. On top of this, it has a mechanical limited-slip differential to help with traction. Let's find out more. 

Fiat Abarth 600e Scorpionissima Launch Edition: Mechanical Details

Fiat Abarth 600e 2

Abarth has previously stated that the 600e's electric drivetrain will generate 237bhp of maximum power, which is a significant improvement above the 154bhp delivered by the standard Fiat model. Although the number of electric motors was not disclosed by the brand, the teaser video suggests a front-wheel drive setup with a limited-slip differential. Apart from this, the Fiat 600e's 54kWh battery will likely be retained, which means the Abarth variant's range would probably be less. If the 600e Abarth is fitted with the same battery as the Fiat version, it can provide roughly 400-kilometre of range on Europe's WLTP test cycle.

Fiat Abarth 600e Scorpionissima Launch Edition: Design Cues and Chassis

The familiar CMP/e-CMP architecture from Stellantis, which powers Fiat's 600e as well as the Jeep Avenger, the Vauxhall Mokka, and the Peugeot 2008, forms the basis of the new "Perfo-eCMP" platform on which the Abarth 600e is built. Abarth also revealed that they collaborated with Hankook, the tyre supplier for the Formula E racing series, for the development of the 600e's tyres. A power-to-weight ratio of 150bhp/ton, based on the 1,620 kg kerb weight of the standard Fiat 600e, will place it far higher than the 110bhp/ton of the smaller, 152bhp Abarth 500e.

Abarth has also modified the chassis of the 600e to provide better handling, in addition to the powertrain. A new limited-slip differential designed specifically for EVs distributes power to each front wheel, and its suspension geometry has been adjusted to improve stability. The Abarth's Alcon braking system, which is not vented or drilled, has larger discs for increased stopping force, and new tyres with a performance-oriented compound have also been installed without compromising efficiency.

A fixed roof-mounted spoiler, sportier lower intake section with new diagonal grilles for better cooling, new tinted rear lights, and distinctive 20-inch diamond-cut wheels distinguish it from the regular Fiat 600e. The model will reportedly have more supportive seats made especially for the sporty 600e.

Fiat Abarth 600e 1

Although the brand has not yet revealed all the specifications of the Abarth 600e Scorpionissima Launch Edition, it will be the most potent road-going model it has ever produced. A variety of performance enhancements are planned to improve the car's overall performance. For those unaware, Abarth is a seasoned rally and performance carmaker and will soon celebrate 75 years in operation. Although the manufacturer started off making sports vehicles, since the 1950s it has developed partnerships with other Italian automakers, most notably Fiat. Abarth continues to produce distinctive, high-performance cars with the iconic scorpion badge utilising Fiat components, even though Fiat has since completely acquired the company and Abarth is now part of the bigger Stellantis group.

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