Honda Showcases 3 All-electric SUV Concepts at Shanghai Motor Show

Honda has revealed the three electric SUVs concept at the ongoing Auto Shanghai 2023. These electric SUVs are the e:N SUV, the e:NS2, and the e:NP2. Here are some of the details about these new electric SUVs.

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Honda showcased the all-electric SUVs concepts at the Auto Shanghai 2023. These e-SUVs, including the e:N SUV Concept, e:NP2 Prototype, and e:NS2 Prototype, will go on sale next year in the Chinese market. Two of the three electric SUVs are production-ready, and the third is merely a concept. The carmaker has also revealed the e:N GT concept at the Shanghai Motor Show. It was unveiled the previous year and has not undergone any changes since then. A production vehicle is anticipated to appear in 2025. The Honda e:NP2 Prototype and the e:NS2 Prototype, are the automaker's second wave of e:N Series EV cars, and they are likely to go on sale in China early next year. The third wave of e:N Series EVS, which is expected to hit the market before the end of 2024, includes the e:N SUV. In China, the production-spec e:NS2 and e:NP2 electric SUVs will succeed the HR-V-based e:NS1 and e:NP1, which were launched last year. Appearance-wise, these two upcoming electric SUVs will follow their predecessors. However, these new EVs, in contrast to their smaller Honda HR-V-based ancestors, have distinguishing design elements including different front and rear profiles. The remainder of the body, however, is the same. Here are a few more details about these electric SUVs and the future plans of the carmaker. 

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Honda e:NP2 Prototype, e:NS2 Prototype

Honda Electric Concept 2

As stated, the e:NS2 and the e:NP2 will go into production first out of the three SUVs showcased at the Shanghai Motor Show. Both will take the place of the HR-V-based the e:NS1 and the e:NP1, which were introduced last year. On the design front, the e:NS2 and the e:NP2 models feature a few improvements over their predecessors. The e:NP2 version sports a design that is quite similar to the Honda Civic, whereas the e:NS2 has angular LED daytime running lights. Right now, the automaker has not shared any exact details about the dimensions and other specifications of these models.

Honda Electric Concept 3

Honda e:N SUV Concept

The e:N SUV is a concept and features a traditional SUV body with pointed headlamps. Specifications and launch information have not yet been made public. According to the reports, the e:N SUV will be crucial for the company as when it is put into production, it will be the first Honda to be built entirely on an EV-specific platform. Its production-spec version will be introduced in the market before the end of 2024. 

Honda e:NP2 Prototype, e:NS2 Prototype, e:N SUV Concept: Mechanical & More Updates

Currently, there is no official information about the powertrain and other specifications of these three electric SUVs. However, according to industry reports, the e:NS2 and the e:NP2 models will be made by the same joint venture of Dongfeng and GAC, much like the e:NP1 and the e:NS1 models. According to the carmaker, the new electric SUVs will provide a distinctive driving experience. These electric cars' interiors claim to be intelligent because of simple and smart features like the Honda Connect 4.0.

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Future Plans 

By launching this new e:N Series, Honda will hasten the electrification process in China. By 2027, Honda intends to introduce ten new electric vehicles in the market, and by 2035, it aims to have an entirely electric vehicle lineup. 

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