If Bruce Wayne Wanted a Pininfarina Batmobile, this 1,874bhp Hypercar Would be It

Automobili Pininfarina has unveiled a quartet of four electric hypercars that draw inspiration from the civilian persona of DC-created Batman, Bruce Wayne. Read on to know more about them:

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Bruce Wayne, alternately called Batman, is fictitious. But, a new line of Wayne-inspired electric hypercars from Automobili Pininfarina is not. When Wayne, post his father's death, decided to wage war against the worst elements of Gotham City, he had some bat-themed gadgets to aid him. One of them was the infamous Batmobile, an ultimate mode of transportation allowing Batman to get around the city faster than the very first vehicle Wayne used. But how fast Batman's Batmobile can go? As revealed by Batman in 'Batman: Urban Legends', his Batmobile can hit a top speed of 370km/h, making it faster than any legal non-racing car. This number can be raised to 563km/h for 10 seconds using boost thrusters.

However, if Bruce Wayne existed in reality and wanted the Batmobile from Pininfarina to fight crime, these 1,874bhp ultra-rare electric supercars would be his ultimate weapons. Named the B95 hyper Barchetta and Battista hyper GT, the special editions are based on the Pininfarina B95 and the Battista, respectively. Each model comes in two trims: Gotham and Dark Knight, each with a unique design inspired by the civilian persona of DC-created Batman, Bruce Wayne.

Pininfarina Battista Dark Knight

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Pininfarina Batman-inspired Special Editions: Performance

Under the hood, the special editions get a 120kWh lithium-ion battery and four electric motors. The latter makes an impressive 1,874bhp, resulting in 0–100km/h time of less than two seconds. According to the company, this makes them 'faster than a current Formula 1 car'. While the top speed is yet to be disclosed, expect the hypercars to reach a top speed of more than 300km/h.  

Gotham Editions: Exterior, Interior

Symbolising the civilian sophistication of Bruce Wayne, the Gotham Battista features Argento Vittorio gloss paint, complemented by a Nero Torino roof. Additionally, the car sports the brand's iconic ‘F’ logo, made of brushed and polished anodised aluminium. Along the sides, the car sports 20-inch front and 21-inch rear alloy wheels with a gloss-black face and matte-black rim.

Pininfarina Battista Dark Knight

Though the Gotham B95's wheels closely match the Battista's, they come with matte-black inner and gloss-black outer rings. Moving inside, you find tan leather upholstery, tan stitching, and bespoke centre panel quilting. 

Dark Knight Editions: Exterior, Interior

On the other hand, the Dark Knight design is not just about tech but also reflects Wayne Enterprises' pursuit of innovation. The  Dark Knight Battista and B95 get Nero Profondo bodywork and Nero Torino roofs, complete with ceramic-polished rims. Interior-wise, the models offer all-black leather upholstery with black and gold contrast stitching. 

Pininfarina B95 Gotham Interior

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The specially designed Pininfarina Battista will debut later this year as part of an invite-only, live retail experience. While we do not know how much the model will cost, here is the price of the Battista for your reference –  $2.2 million (Rs 18.36 crore, starting price). It will go on sale, alongside other cars, exclusively through BruceWayneX.com, which is a website for the luxury brand Wayne Enterprises. 

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