Nissan Arizon Electric SUV Concept Unveiled at Shanghai Motor Show

The Nissan Arizon Electric SUV Concept has been revealed at the ongoing Auto Shanghai 2023. According to Nissan, the new electric SUV concept is based on the CMF EV platform. Read below to know more about this brand-new electric concept.

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Nissan, a Japanese carmaker, has showcased the Arizon EV SUV concept at the Auto Shanghai 2023. The new concept is based on the CMF EV platform. This platform is a co-product of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. Both the Nissan Ariya and the Renault Megane E-Tech Electric are underpinned by the CMF EV platform. According to the automaker, Nissan's global EV knowledge helped its engineers from China in constructing the Arizon concept, which is intended to be a multipurpose partner for Chinese drivers. It will offer services that are enhanced by software and artificial intelligence (AI) to make driving simpler for drivers, particularly those who want a high level of personalization using in-car technology and digital connectivity. In terms of appearance, the new electric concept features a muscular stance. Here are some more details about the new electric SUV concept in terms of features and design.

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Arizon EV SUV Concept: Key Details 

Nissan Arizon EV 2

The concept sports a grille-free front fascia and thin headlights. It has an upright, muscular appearance at the rear with a full-width light bar. Further, the EV boasts distinctively designed two-tone alloy wheels. Additionally, it does not have a C-pillar. The electric SUV also has an interior lighting system, compatible with facial recognition technology. It automatically alters the interior lighting intensity to an individual driver's preferences. Further, it can be adjusted using the four modes: Leisure, Relax, Sleep, and Surprise. The concept also includes an auto-dimming glass roof. According to the carmaker, one of the prominent features of the SUV is the Eporo virtual personal assistant. Using information such as time, weather, and other variables, Eporo may communicate with passengers in a way that is human-like and give precise answers.

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Nissan EV Approach

Nissan intends to bring forth solid-state batteries as the substitute for current lithium-ion units. The new Nissan Leaf EV, according to industry reports, will use these solid-state batteries. Its introduction will take place before 2028, as production has likely begun. Nissan envisions decreasing the prices of its electric vehicles by around 50% with the launch of these solid-state batteries. According to the reports, these batteries will double the energy density and triple the charging speed of the EVs. The all-new battery technology's button cells measure 10 cm in diameter and are under development in Japan. According to the firm, these cells will grow to the size of a laptop at the last stage of production. Nissan believes that the launch of these new batteries will strengthen the growth of EVs across the globe.

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