Nissan Hyper Punk EV Concept Unveiled Ahead of Upcoming Japan Mobility Show

Nissan has shown yet another electric concept car before its first public appearance at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show. The new Nissan Hyper Punk car concept has been created for content makers, artists, and influencers.

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Nissan continues to provide a peek into its EV vision with the fourth electric concept, the Hyper Punk. The fourth all-electric concept will debut at the upcoming Japan Mobility Show alongside the other three EV concepts - the Hyper Urban, the Hyper Adventure, and the Hyper Tourer. The all-electric crossover's most noticeable feature is its onboard cameras, which can capture the surroundings around the car and employ artificial intelligence to transform it into manga-style scenery or graphic designs according to the customers' personal tastes. The image can then be displayed on a three-screen panel set around the driver in the cockpit, making a space where reality and the metaverse coexist. In terms of mechanical specifications, Nissan hasn't divulged anything as of now. However, exact details on the battery pack, electric motor, range, and charging capacity of the concept are expected to be made public during the global debut. 

Nissan Hyper Punk EV Concept Rear

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Nissan Hyper Punk: Exterior and Interior 

The Hyper Punk is not a typical electric crossover since it offers fascinating and one-of-a-kind experiences, claims the Japanese firm. The fourth model in the brand's EV concept series features a distinctive silver paintwork that changes tones depending on viewing angle and lighting conditions. The concept boasts a sturdy design, featuring short overhangs and massive 23-inch wheels, which adds to its agility and makes the crossover appropriate for everyday city and off-road driving. Polygonal shapes are a crucial design component, seen in the headlights, taillamps, and rear signature pieces that integrate into the body surface and offer a unique look.

Nissan Hyper Punk EV Concept Interior

The all-electric crossover's interior is inspired by origami and incorporates Japanese digital and creative characteristics. In addition, the cabin functions as a mobile creative studio, with access to the internet and the capability to connect to passenger devices. The new concept employs artificial intelligence and headrest biosensors to identify a driver's mood and select appropriate music and lighting.

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Nissan Hyper Tourer Concept

Nissan unveiled the Hyper Tourer before the Hyper Punk. The Tourer is a minivan electric concept, according to the automaker, and represents the future of mobility via a range of characteristics. The spirit of omotenashi (Japanese hospitality), according to the company, fits nicely with cutting-edge technologies such as autonomous driving technology, V2X (Vehicle To Everything), and others in this all-new concept. The V2X feature, along with the big capacity battery, enables power supply to homes, shops, and offices. As mentioned, it will also be showcased at the approaching Japan Mobility Show alongside its other Hyper EV concept counterparts.  

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