Volvo patents the S50 moniker

By Tushaar Singh Gill | on August 1, 2017 Follow us on Autox Google News

Staying true to its saloon nomenclature, Volvo has secured the S50 name for itself.

Swedish automaker Volvo has filed a patent for the S50 moniker. For those unaware, in Volvo’s nomenclature, the ‘S’ series of vehicles are saloons, ‘XC’ are SUVs and ‘V’ series generally consists of both hatchbacks and wagons.

So, while it's quite likely that the S50 will indeed be used by a Volvo saloon, it certainly doesn’t imply that Volvo is on the verge of launching one. Volvo, of late, has not revealed any concept which carries the ‘50’ moniker. Therefore, it is quite likely that the company filed patent for the name in order to secure it for future  use.

Taking things optimistically, there is a possibility that Volvo might give the S50 moniker to the production version of the 40.2 concept, which was showcased in 2016. The 40.2 concept represented a beefed up saloon - with no concrete details about its launch timeframe. Alongside the 40.2, Volvo had also showcased the 40.1 concept - which was recently confirmed to mature into the upcoming XC40 small SUV.

While the Geely owned company hasn't used the S50 moniker on any of its vehicles yet, speculations going around are discussing the '50' moniker to be placed on a saloon derivative body style - like a gran coupe, or perhaps, even a bulked up fastback.

Anyways, it's always tempting to make our speculations go wild. So, let’s hope Volvo slaps the S50 moniker on some form of wheels pretty soon, which would certainly help clear things up.

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