Hyundai, Kia Introduce Unique 'Uni Wheel' Drive System for Electric Vehicles

The Uni-Wheel is an integrated drive system that moves the vehicle's driving system components into the empty space inside the wheel hub. Improved ride quality, less packaging, and more efficiency and durability are a few of the benefits of this tech. 

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Leading car manufacturers Hyundai and Kia have unveiled what they refer to as a "paradigm-shifting vehicle drive system" that aims to completely change how future electric car designs are made. Universal Wheel Drive System, or Uni-Wheel, is the name of the innovative system that the automaker introduced at the "Uni Wheel Tech Day." According to both firms, the new technology would shorten drive shafts and enable electric motors to be positioned even closer to the wheels in future EVs. This will enable more room to be used effectively to accommodate bigger batteries or to add more cabin and storage space. Jongsool Park, Senior Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Technology Development of Hyundai Motor Group said, “We are pleased to showcase innovative ideas that could become game changers in the future mobility market. We will perfect the technology so that customers can experience mobility in a completely different and new way.”

Hyundai Kia Platform

Following the worldwide proliferation of electric vehicles, this new development adds to the list of significant changes made to the automotive industry. Here are all the relevant details about this brand-new drive system.

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What is the Uni-Wheel Drive System?

The Uni-Wheel, to put it simply, is an integrated drive system that moves the vehicle's driving system components into the empty space inside the wheel hub. This indicates that the gears that drive the car have been positioned in the previously mentioned area. An inventive design for the new mechanics has been used to accomplish this. Consequently, there will be a substantial gain in room within an electric vehicle.

In cars with internal combustion engines, shafts, and constant velocity joints are used to transmit the power generated by the engine to the wheels. Nevertheless, an engine and transmission are not required in EVs since a motor and reduction gear carry out the same task. The latest development modifies the mechanical process to create new possibilities for electric vehicles. To go into the specifics, the Uni Wheel has a unique planetary gear arrangement with sun gear in the middle, four pinion gears on either side, and a ring gear encircling it. The motor's power is transferred to the sun gear, which turns the pinion gears to rotate the ring gear and, when coupled with the wheel, propells the vehicle.

The Advantage of Uni-Wheel Drive System

Hyundai Kia

The manufacturer claims that there are several advantages to the Uni Wheel driving technology. Improved ride quality, less packaging, and more efficiency and durability are a few of the features. By utilising a battery's electricity efficiently, this technology can significantly extend the range of electric vehicles. Reduced range anxiety can be achieved by combining all of the freed-up areas.

Furthermore, Hyundai says that the Uni Wheel Drive System's application is not confined to passenger vehicles. Being a leading player in robotics and technology, the company can incorporate tech into upcoming mobility products like purpose-built vehicles (PBVs), wheelchairs, two-wheelers, and delivery robots.

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Hyundai November Sales

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) has revealed its November sales figures. Last month, the company saw a 3 per cent YoY rise in total sales, from 64,003 units sold in the same month the previous year to 65,801 units sold in November 2023. The firm's domestic wholesale increased to 49,451 units in November 2022, a 3 per cent YoY rise from 48,002 units. Besides this, the export sales surged slightly to 16,350 units in November from 16,001 units in the same month the previous year.

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