Ather Rizta First Ride Review: Their Most Comfortable Electric Scooter Yet!

Having made a couple of thrilling, performance-oriented e-scooters, Ather now tries its hands at making a sensible family offering with the Rizta EV.

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After producing some ‘fast and furious’ electric scooters, Ather has now turned its attention to what matters most – ‘family’. This shift led to the introduction of Rizta, a scooter that promises ample space and practicality. However, making a scooter that meets everyone's needs is no small task. Many established players have tried and often failed to strike the right balance, and so far, Ather has had a very good track record of creating vehicles that are built to spec, smart, and reliable. Will the Rizta be another home run for the young vehicle manufacturer, or will it miss the mark? 

Ather Rizta Review: Design, Styling

With the Rizta, Ather took their design in a new direction. As a spacious, family-oriented scooter, the Rizta features a bulkier and boxier design, especially evident in the front apron and tail section. Personally, I have mixed feelings about its design. It looks decent from some angles, but from others, I don't find it very appealing. The LED headlamp and sleek taillight bar are good additions.

Ather Rizta Front Design

Thankfully, the overall fit and finish quality is good, if not outstanding. I like the glossy front panel and the fact that there are a variety of colourful options to choose from. The side stand, however, feels a bit flimsy, although it has no trouble supporting the scooter's weight. The plastic switches on the handlebar seem a bit outdated in terms of overall quality and finish, but they function well.

Ather Rizta Review: Space, Comfort

Simply put, the Ritza shines in terms of practicality and space. It features a rather long seat, which, according to Ather, is the longest for an Indian scooter. During my time with the scooter, I found that the seat was spacious enough for two full-grown adults and a bag. Even if you're generously proportioned, there would still be enough room for another person to sit comfortably. If you opt for the Z model, you also get a backrest, which adds to the comfort and safety of the pillion rider. The seat cushion itself is very soft, and I had no complaints about it. Similarly, the floorboard is spacious enough for a 6-foot-tall rider like me to not feel cramped. You can even fit a small basket there if needed.

Ather Rizta Storage Space

The Rizta offers 34 litres of storage space under the seat, but what’s more impressive is the design of the cavity. It allows you to fit a full-face helmet and still have room for other small items. There’s also a small pocket ahead of the main compartment for storing a cleaning cloth. The storage area includes a socket for charging your mobile device using an accessory. Speaking of accessories, you can also get a handy carry bag that fits in the compartment for things for groceries.

I also appreciated that Ather has engineered a handle at the back of the seat, making it easy to hook your fingers in and open it. However, there's a surprising ergonomic oversight – with the backrest installed, your hand will definitely hit it when opening the seat.

Ather Rizta Review: Performance, Range

Ather offers the Rizta in three trims, each equipped with a 5.7bhp electric motor producing 22Nm of torque. This power output is slightly lower than the 450X scooters, resulting in a lower top speed of 80km/h and increased 0 – 40km/h acceleration time. According to the company, the Rizta accelerates to 40km/h in 4.7 seconds, which is 1.4 seconds slower than the 450X. Unlike the 450X, the Rizta does not feature the famous Warp mode; instead, it offers Smart Eco and Zip modes. Despite these reductions, the real-world response from the scooter remains peppy. Even in Eco mode, acceleration is brisk, offering easy overtakes and reaching speeds of 50 – 60km/h with no trouble. 

The Rizta offers the same battery options as the 450X. The base variant comes with a 2.9kWh battery, providing a claimed IDC range of 123km on a single charge. The higher Z variant also features the 2.9kWh battery but adds a bigger 3.7kWh unit, offering a claimed range of 159km. These claimed figures are slightly higher than the 450X, owing partly to the gentler motor response. Real-world range figures are expected to be similar to previous Ather scooters. Considering its lower top speed of 80km/h, the Rizta, I think, is best suited for city commutes.

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The Rizta also features two notable technologies: Magic Twist and SkidControl. Magic Twist is Ather’s intuitive regenerative braking system, first introduced in the 450 Apex. It allows the rider to engage a variable level of regen by twisting the throttle in the opposite direction, providing a seamless braking experience regardless of the battery charge level. Think of it like using the throttle for the purposes of deceleration. You can use the regen system to charge the battery up to 100% while enjoying a seamless braking experience irrespective of the charge level. Overall, it's quite a useful system that works flawlessly, minimising (perhaps eliminating?) the need to use the brake lever. SkidControl is Ather’s traction control system, which modulates the power sent to the rear wheel in case of wheelspin. While the need for traction control on a scooter like the Rizta is minimal, it nonetheless is a welcome safety feature.

Ather Rizta Review: Ride, Handling

The first thing I noticed while riding the Ritza was how supple its suspension setup was. It's clearly tuned for maximum ride comfort, and it excels in this regard. Even at higher speeds, the scooter doesn't crash into potholes and remains stable when accidentally going over bumps. In short, regardless of the speed, it never loses its composure and always remains stable, offering a comfortable riding experience. This, together with the comfortable seat and seating position, not only makes it the most comfortable Ather scooter yet but also one that can even give other scooters a run for their money in terms of comfort.

Ather Rizta Ride and Handling Review

Even though the scooter weighs a bit more than its siblings, it successfully hides those extra kilos while on the move. In fact, the Rizta surprised me with its agility, especially during quick direction changes. Its agility and prompt response from the motor make it a scooter that you can have some fun with while riding. The 12-inch tyres also perform well on urban roads, while the brakes feel nice and progressive.

Ather Rizta Review: Instrument Cluster, Smart Tech

The Ritza doesn't get a touch-enabled instrument cluster; instead, there is a 7-inch colour unit. There is a joystick for navigating screen menus on the left side of the handlebar. The screen now has a new, cleaner UI and gets Google Maps, like other Ather vehicles, which is definitely a big advantage. You can even pair your smartphone to the scooter and access the usual connected features, which include checking the last five Whatsapp text messages.

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Now, I did notice a lot of lag while navigating through the screen. I was informed by the company that our test scooter did not have the final version of OS, and the one available to the public would be a lot smoother. So, we will have to wait for a bit before we can decide on the validity of the claim. The menu also allows you to toggle between various features, including Magic Twist, SkidControl, Coasting Regen, and others. Personally, I am a big fan of vehicles that give you the opportunity to tweak their parameters!

Ather Rizta Digital Instrument Cluster

Ather Rizta Review: Verdict

With the Rizta, Ather aimed to create a family-friendly scooter, and I believe that it has succeeded. The Ritza offers plenty of space, superb comfort, and ease of riding. If the lags in the UI are sorted out by the time this product reaches the masses, it will undoubtedly be a great all-rounder. With prices starting from Rs 1.37 lakh (ex-showroom), it may not be the most competitively priced offering on the market, but it is the most affordable Ather. Considering the smart features it offers and the reliability associated with the brand, I wouldn't mind spending my money on it.

  • Ather Rizta

Motor: Permanent Magnet AC

Battery: 2.9kWh | 3.7kWh

Power: 5.8BHP

Torque: 22NM

Price: ₹1.67 Lakh (Ex-Showroom)

X-Factor: An affordable, comfortable, and reliable e-scooter

•  Ride Comfort

•  Seating & Storage Space

•  Magic Twist!

• UI Lags

• Range

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