Interview: 'It's a Privilege,' Says Jaguar TCS Formula E Team Principal on Having Two Competitive Drivers

In a recent interview, Jaguar TCS Racing Formula E team boss James Barclay talked about Mitch Evans and Nick Cassidy's teamwork, where he explained how is it to manage two highly competitive drivers.

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The 10th season of Formula E is in full swing now. Jaguar TCS Racing is leading the Constructors’ Championship after the first three rounds while one of their drivers is leading the Drivers’ Championship. Team boss, James Barclay, recently shared insights on the dynamic between Mitch Evans and Nick Cassidy in an interview with us. He emphasised his preference for their relationship over any other scenario. Managing two highly competitive drivers within the same team is undoubtedly challenging, as evidenced by numerous historical examples in motorsport, such as the iconic Senna and Prost rivalry at McLaren or the more recent one between Rosberg and Hamilton at Mercedes or Ricciardo and Verstappen at Red Bull.

For those unfamiliar with Formula E racing, Nick Cassidy joined Jaguar ahead of Season 10 to partner with Mitch Evans. In Season 9, Evans and Cassidy were both contenders in the Drivers' title race, with Nick racing for Envision at the time. The interplay between these two talented drivers adds an intriguing dimension to the team dynamics, and Barclay appreciates the collaborative spirit they bring to the table.

Formula E: It's a Privilege to have Two Great Drivers

When questioned about his approach to handling the challenge of overseeing two highly competitive drivers, one leading the championship while the other closely trails, James Barclay responded: 

“I think it's a privilege to have two very great drivers, I'd much rather have this than any other position. If you're going to fight for the championships, especially team World Championship, you have to have two incredibly strong drivers and what was very clear to us and has been for a long time that is we want to have two drivers who are capable of winning races and scoring points and we have that in Nick and Mitch.

Mitch And Nick Formula E

Formula E: Season 9 Championship Fight

Barclay also shared his view on last season's championship fight and explained how that would help the team this season, “They were second and third in the World Championship last year and that last race in London, it was kind of Nick and Mitch in terrible conditions doing an incredible job and seconds ahead of the rest of the field. So, I have absolute confidence that we have an incredibly strong lineup. They've known each other for a long time though as well. So away from the track and at the track, they are great friends and have been friends for a long time.”

Formula E: There's Always Pressures in a Team

Mitch And Nick Formula E 1

Barclay also sheds light on the dynamics between the teams and drivers, emphasising their impact on the overall team dynamics. He stated, “We're enjoying working together and I'm sure there are lots of good things to come, but also when racing and the reality is there'll be pressures. It doesn't matter whether you're friends or not, the reality is that there's always pressure in a team. But I think maybe what's being perceived on the outside is definitely not the case of what's happening inside and I can tell you it's a great relationship internally and we're all driven to get great results.”

Cassidy's smooth shift from Envision to Jaguar is unmistakable in his outstanding performances, clinching podium finishes in all three races this season. Presently, Cassidy holds a commanding 19-point lead in the Drivers' Championship, significantly bolstering Jaguar's comfortable position atop the Constructors' Championship. The upcoming Round 4 is scheduled to take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on March 16.

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