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Four Nissan Magnite enthusiasts take their Big, Bold & Beautiful SUV on a wild and adventurous drive to Jim Corbett National Park. The Nissan Magnite – it’s big, bold, and beautiful.

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Four Nissan Magnite enthusiasts take their Big, Bold & Beautiful SUV on a wild and adventurous drive to Jim Corbett National Park.

The Nissan Magnite – it’s big, bold, and beautiful. With robust underpinnings, breath-taking performance, a feature-laden and spacious cabin, and impeccable ride and handling, the Magnite is a perfect choice for the adventurous and outgoing type. Not to mention, it’s because of these characteristics that the Magnite has become a huge sales success in the country with over 50,000 units produced and over 1,00,000 cumulative bookings since its launch.

Now, to understand what makes the Magnite so popular among fun seekers, we embarked on a two-day road trip with four Magnite enthusiasts.

Before we tell you more about our adventurous weekend getaway, we’d like to introduce you to the Magnite lovers who were part of this amazing journey. Our first participant was Sapna Khanna, who’s a fitness professional and an adventure enthusiast – no wonder then that she owns and drives a zippy Magnite 1.0 Turbo, the only SUV at that price to offer the thrills she goes looking for! The second Magnite lover we had with us was Vaibhav Mishra. And while he’s into the serious business of all things legal, Vaibhav loves to drive his Magnite to get some much-needed respite from those thick law books. His reason for buying the Magnite was its smooth and reassuring driving experience. Our third participant was Mohit Malhotra – a marketing and brand specialist, Mohit is a keen driver and loves to put the pedal to the metal on an open stretch of road. Vaibhav put his money on the Magnite after falling in love with its great driving dynamics. Last but not least, we had Lakshya Arora, who believes he’s more of a proud Magnite lover than someone who just owns a car. Lakshya runs an automotive accessory firm and has come out with a number of modifications for the Magnite out of his sheer love and passion for it. His reason for buying the Magnite? Its long feature list!

Nissan Magnite Customer Driving Shot

Into the Wild

Our road trip began from New Delhi to our destination – Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand. On the way to Corbett Park, the Magnite owners encountered mixed driving conditions, which, as they later found out, was a blessing in disguise, as it helped them fall in love with their Magnite even harder, thanks to the SUV’s vast range of abilities which allow it to tackle the urban jungle and the actual jungle with equal ease.

As we hit the NH24, the smooth tarmac of the highway allowed the Magnite drivers to experience the performance and high-speed stability of their SUV. The smooth drive continued all the way up to Amroha, but soon after that, the tarmac gave way to what can only be called a nightmare of a road, filled with crater-sized potholes. However, the Magnite covered ground briskly without breaking a sweat. This last stretch of road leading up to Corbett Park had our participants marvel at the comfort and robustness of the Magnite. A true-blue SUV without any doubt!

Nissan Magnite Customers

'The Magnite owners completed the adventure in a bold & beautiful manner'

After seven hours on the road, the Magnite gang reached the destination and enjoyed the evening amidst the lush green surroundings of the jungle, followed by a fun-filled dinner party under the glimmer of the stars.

It was an early start the next day, as the Magnite enthusiasts connected with nature on a long walk through the forest. However, since adventure runs deep in their blood, they couldn’t stop themselves from having a bit of fun while exploring the rough terrain in the park on ATVs.

Nissan Magnite Front Quarter Motion

On our way back to Delhi after the two-day weekend getaway, the Magnite crew was already making plans for their next adventure. ‘It was a great experience. I got to test all the aspects of the Magnite on this trip,’ said Mohit. For Sapna, this trip sparked the travel bug in her, and she now wants to conquer the raw terrain of Spiti in her Magnite. For Vaibhav and Mohit, the experience was rejuvenating, and they now want to go on longer and more adventurous road trips in their Magnites.

Nissan Magnite Customer Interior

If you think about it, the four Magnite owners that we had on this trip came from completely different backgrounds, united only by the common thread of being adventurous, outgoing, and, more importantly, the desire to do it in a bold and beautiful manner. So, be it a marketing professional, a self-employed businessman, a lawyer, or a fitness freak, the Magnite is an SUV that can bring out the adventurous side in all.

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