Volkswagen Taigun Long Term Reports

By Shivank Bhatt | on November 28, 2021
Long Term Report: December 2021

I got to keep our long-term Taigun for two weeks last month, and I’ve to say that it’s an absolute hoot to drive everywhere. For me, the Taigun’s 1.5 TSI engine and impeccable handling are its main USPs. But those aren’t the only things you need in a vehicle. Customers need a complete package these days, so it’s important to know how effective the Taigun is for daily duties.

First things first, the Taigun STANDS OUT – it’s got those taut lines, tasty wheels, compact dimensions, and the LED taillamps look amazing. I’ve had a few instances where people have told me that it looks ‘expensive’. The interior is equally amazing, but some plastic bits and the quality of the roof liner is quite average. In terms of features and equipment, though, I feel it has everything you need. Plus, the understated and minimalistic theme inside is something that I adore. The touchscreen is brilliant and it gets wireless Android Auto, which is so convenient. More so because there are no regular USB Type-A ports anywhere in the car – it’s only got Type-C ports. I also have to add that it’s quite fuel-efficient for its segment, thanks to the cylinder deactivation system.

Thus far, the experience with the Taigun’s been delightful. There were some small niggles in between, though. The brakes started to make a grinding noise, while the anti-pinch system for the driver-side window started acting up for some reason. A quick visit to the service centre has solved these issues for the time being, but let’s see how the experience is living with the Taigun going forward.  


When it came: October 2021

Current odo reading: 7,002kms

Mileage this month: 1,186kms

Fuel efficiency: 11km/l

What’s good: Handling, Infotainment system

What’s not: Noisy brakes

Long Term Report: November 2021
Volkswagen Taigun Long Term Report November 2021

Starting to drive a new long-term car is always an exciting moment for me, and to be honest, I’ve been quite looking forward to daily driving the Taigun ever since I first drove it a few months ago.

For one, it is a really good-looking car, and while I never thought I would willingly drive a bright yellow machine, the Taigun looks really good in this shade. The overall design is very impactful, and I think the taillights really set the Taigun apart from any other SUV in the market. The cabin also impresses, and I particularly enjoy the seats. The front seats are exceedingly comfortable and provide great lateral support. The amount of space in the boot was also a surprise, and the low floor means it’s deceptively spacious.

But the highlight of the Taigun has to be the way it drives. Powered by the 148bhp 1.5-litre TSI EVO engine, it really is a quick little machine that’s great fun to drive on the highway and in the city. Even though the manual gearbox of the Taigun is absolutely fantastic, the perfectly matched 7-speed DSG gearbox means that I don’t have to worry about gearshifts. When left to its own devices, the DSG does a good job. For better throttle response, though, I prefer driving the Taigun in Sport mode, which allows the gearbox to hold onto gears for longer and keeps the engine at its optimum RPM for immediate power.

If there is something that I can criticise the Taigun for, though, it would have to be the lack of a diesel engine option. With petrol prices crossing the ₹110 mark, running costs of petrol vehicles have become painfully high. But here the cylinder activation on the TSI engine helps. When driven at an easy pace, I often get to see 12.5-13km/l on the digital readout, and achieving an average of 11.5km/l is very easy. Another thing that is a highlight is the suspension setup. On broken roads, it is on the stiffer side, but on a good piece of tarmac, especially if it’s a twisty section, the dynamic setup of the Taigun is a delight.

All said and done, the next few months are going to be a great experience with the Taigun, and I’m also hoping to get a first-hand experience of Volkswagen’s improved service and aftersales setup. 


When it came: October 2021

Current odo reading: 5,876kms

Mileage this month: 1,020kms

Fuel efficiency: 11.5km/l

What’s good: Fantastic design

What’s not: No diesel option

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