Oliver Rowland: Heat in the City

By Oliver Rowland | on June 2, 2022 Follow us on Autox Google News

The searing heat of Jakarta is not just a cause of concern for Oliver but for the entire Mahindra Racing team!

The FIA ABB Formula E World Championship is finally racing in Jakarta this weekend and we at Mahindra Racing have been busy preparing for the first new track of the 2022 season. Despite the days spent on the simulator and hours of strategy and operations meetings, there’s one thing we can’t fully prepare for…the heat.

Yes, the simulator allows us to apply a range of temperatures to the track so we can see how it affects the car. This data helps us learn how to manage battery temperature, which could become critical over a 45-minute race. What we can’t prepare for is that our team is coming from a long, cold UK spring straight into the heat of the Jakarta summer with less than a day to acclimatise.

At Mahindra Racing, we have staff from 17 countries around the world but, no matter what climate you are used to, racing in 30+ degrees centigrade and 80% humidity adds a new physical and mental challenge. Keeping the team hydrated and operating at their peak under pressure is essential to success. One mistake in this series and your weekend is over.

Keep an eye on the Mahindra Racing social channels to follow our performance over the weekend and to see exclusive and behind the scenes content. You can also Fanboost* me, which gives me an extra boost of power during the race.

*You can find out all the information on how to do this at the Formula E website.

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