BYD Yangwang U8 Globally Unveiled with 1,000 Km Range, Comes with Emergency Water Floating Mode

Deliveries of the BYD Yangwang U8 Premium Edition will begin in October. The electric car boasts a 0-100km/h acceleration time of just 3.6 seconds. Let's quickly take a look at some other notable features of the model.

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A new electric SUV called the U8 Premium Edition has been introduced in China by Yangwang, a sub-brand of BYD. The 360-degree tank turn and the capacity to float and wade in an emergency are among the e-SUV's notable traits, claims the automaker. The U8 Premium Edition, which costs 1,098,000 RMB (about Rs 1.25 crore), is seen as the priciest mass-produced electrically powered car in the Chinese market. It has an astounding 1,184bhp in its mechanical arsenal and can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds. Starting in October, the deliveries of the EV will commence. Let's delve into further details of this e-SUV. 

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BYD Yangwang U8 Premium Edition: Powertrain

There are two versions of the U8: Off-road Master Edition and Premium Edition. The model that has recently been introduced in China is the Premium Edition. 

The U8 is an EREV, which stands for Extended Range Electric Vehicle. It has an internal combustion engine (ICE) that serves only as a battery power generator and is not attached to the wheels. The U8 is equipped with a 49.05kWh Blade battery featuring LFP chemistry, which is coupled with a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine. The battery is integrated into the chassis by employing Cell-to-Chassis (CTC) technology.

The car is driven by four electric motors, one on each wheel, that are powered by the battery and provides a range of 180 kilometres on pure electricity. Additionally, the car has a 75-litre fuel tank, and a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that charges the batteries, extending the range to 1000 kilometres.

In terms of output, each of the four electric motors produces 295bhp, resulting in a total output of around 1,184bhp and 1,280Nm. The car has a maximum speed of 200 km/h and can reach from 0 to 100km/h in 3.6 seconds.

BYD Yangwang U8 Premium Edition: Other Key Highlights

The U8 Premium Edition car can be quickly charged with its fast DC charging capabilities of up to 110kW. It only takes 18 minutes to charge from 30% to 80%. Further, it can float for up to 30 minutes in flash floods or off-road water hurdles, maintaining stability and control for quick evasion. In addition, the car has a 6kW vehicle-to-load (VTL) discharge capacity, which aids in powering high-power machinery and electronic gadgets for up to 25 hours. The Yangwang U8 Premium Edition also boasts a computing capacity of up to 508 TOPS and includes 38 high-precision components as well as the sturdy NVIDIA DRIVE Orin intelligent driving processor.

Inside, a 12.8-inch OLED Galaxy Curved Center Display, two 23.6-inch longitudinal screens for the driver and front passenger, and premium Nappa leather seats mixed with African Sapele wood can all be found. There are three wireless charging stations that are capable of 50 kW fast charging, as well as a Dynaudio Evidence Series 22-speaker audio system.

The U8 has a unique capability to float on water. Thanks to the snorkel in the Off-road Master Edition, this version of the vehicle wades up to 1,400mm, which is higher than the Premium Edition's 1000mm limit. When the wading mode is engaged, the vehicle's sensors monitor the environment, water depth, tyre slip condition, and more. The emergency floating mode is automatically activated if the vehicle exceeds the permissible depth.

In this mode, the sunroof opens to provide an emergency exit, Disus-P raises the suspension to its highest level, and the windows automatically close. Moreover, the vehicle's central control panel displays the water's depth and attitude.

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It is worth mentioning that the U8 is capable of staying afloat for up to 30 minutes and can move at a speed of 3km/h along with turning its wheels in water. It should further be noted that this feature is designed to be used only in emergency situations like floods, and not for entertainment purposes.


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