Lamborghini LB744 Supercar, Aventador Successor, to Make Over 1000Bhp of Power

Lamborghini has shared a set of details regarding the upcoming V12 supercar, which will replace the Aventador. The new V12 supercar has been codenamed LB744 and is capable to offer a power output of more than 1000bhp.

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Lamborghini has disclosed some details of the V12 supercar, which will replace the classic Aventador. The supercar, code-named LB744, will have a 6.5-litre V12 engine with 3 electric motors, capable of producing more than 1000bhp. A set of images of the brand-new supercar were leaked on the internet last month, revealing a few details of the model. According to the leaked images, the external styling of the supercar will be similar to the Lamborghini Aventador's angular front appearance. The next-generation supercar will have triangle taillights surrounding two top-mounted exhaust pipes at the rear. Dimensions-wise, the upcoming V12 model will likely be similar to its predecessor. The new supercar will have 5-spoke alloy wheels with Y-shaped ends, similar to those on the Aventador from 2011.

Lamborghini LB744: Powertrain & Battery Details 

According to the luxury carmaker, the 6.5-litre new-generation V12, named L545, weighs 218kgs and is the lightest and most potent engine the company has ever produced. It is 17kgs lighter than the unit in the current Aventador and still generates 814bhp at 9,250rpm and 725Nm at 6,750rpm. To improve the performance, the carmaker has made several changes to the engine. The air intake ducts to the cylinders have been re-engineered, which helps to increase the air supply and ensure adequate airflow in the combustion chamber. The V12 soundtrack has also been improved. 

The engine's weight makes it possible to install three 18.5kgs motors, capable of delivering a combined output of 1001bhp. According to the carmaker, one motor will be installed on the gearbox, while the other two will drive the front axles. As of now, the company has not revealed the entire weight of the system. 

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Lamborghini has not revealed acceleration figures yet, but compared to the 768bhp of the Aventador Ultimae, the unit in the upcoming supercar will release 30% less CO2. It will offer the LB744 blazing off-line speed, probably with numbers close to the special edition Lamborghini Veneno, which can hit 100km/h in just 2.9 seconds. 

The LB744, similar to other plug-in hybrids, will come with the ability to run entirely on electric power, operating only the front wheels while idling to conserve energy and all four wheels when needed (depending on the selected drive mode). Unfortunately, considering the battery's small size, the maximum estimated EV range will only be 8km.

The LB744 will have a 3.8 kWh battery. When the battery is entirely depleted, it can be charged in just 30 minutes using the standard alternating 7kW current and in as little as six minutes using the petrol engine in conjunction with regenerative braking, according to Lamborghini.

Lamborghini LB744: Transmission Details

Lamborghini will offer a new eight-speed transmission for the LB774, mounted transversally behind the longitudinal V12. According to the carmaker, this has been done to provide room in the transmission tunnel for the lithium-ion battery, which powers the electric motors. After the Miura, the LB744 will be the second Lamborghini to be equipped with a transversely mounted gearbox. Instead of three different shafts, the new gearbox has two. According to Lamborghini, this design saves room and reduces the total weight. The combined weight of the electric motor and the eight-speed gearbox is only 193kgs.

The gearbox-mounted electric motor not only powers the front electric motors through the transmission tunnel battery but also serves as a starter motor generator. Two front electric motors provide reverse gear, but if more speed is required, the rear electric motor employs the rear axle and wheels.

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Lamborghini LB744: Will Come To India?

We don't know with certainty whether the Italian company would introduce the model in India or not. The Urus, Huracan, and Aventador are the three Lamborghini models currently sold in India. Given this, we may expect the automaker to introduce the next V12 supercar in our country.

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