Nissan Hyper Force Concept EV Previews Next-Gen GT-R, Claims 1,341bhp

The Nissan Hyper Force EV concept gets a massive rear wing, front canards, electrically operated vents, carbon fibre wheels, and a dual-level rear diffuser.

By Kanika Sachdeva | on October 26, 2023 Follow us on Autox Google News

Nissan has unveiled the Hyper Force EV concept that previews the automaker's next-generation GT-R 'high-performance' supercar at the ongoing Japan Mobility Show 2023. While the Japanese manufacturer did not explicitly mention that the electric concept is the future GT-R 36 sports car, the silhouette, quad-round taillamps, and pixellated illuminated badge (in white and red) are all giving it away. The Nissan Hyper Force is the last of five 'hyper' concept vehicles revealed by the brand, with one EV concept showcased every week since October 3. Packing an aggressive design, the concept features a large rear wing, butterfly doors, as well as head- and tail-lamps that are a tribute to Nissan's high-performance cars (such as the Nissan Skyline). Most of the weight savings come from the usage of carbon fibre and a solid-state battery that can produce up to 1,341bhp. According to Nissan, the lightweight body, in combination with 'powerful downforce, an advanced form of Nissan's e-40RCE all-wheel control technology' enables 'enhanced cornering and exceptional handling on circuits and winding roads'.

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Nissan Hyper Force Concept: Aerodynamic Elements

The Hyper Force concept, with sleek curves and wide proportions, also features a host of aerodynamic elements, including a massive rear wing, front canards, electrically operated vents, carbon fibre wheels, and a dual-level rear diffuser. Developed and designed together with the Nismo racing team, the two-tiered aerodynamic structure is claimed to provide both 'strong downforce' and 'high cooling performance'. Meanwhile, a new plasma actuator is said to suppress air detachment to maximise grip and minimise inner-wheel lift during cornering.

Nissan Hyper Force Concept: Interior, Features

Nissan Hyper Force Interior

Inside, the Nissan Hyper Force offers carbon fibre seats and an adaptive infotainment display which is developed in collaboration with Polyphony Digital Inc., a subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment and makers of the Gran Turismo video game. There are two driving modes on offer: R and GT, short for racing and grand touring, respectively. In R mode, the concept vehicle illuminates the cabin with red ambient lighting, while dash panels provide vital racing data to the driver. In GT mode, the cabin turns blue and the screens surrounding the steering wheel move away and combine together, providing access to climate controls, audio, suspension, and stabiliser settings.

Nissan Hyper Force Concept: Drivetrain

While complete specifications are under wraps, Nissan has revealed that the concept vehicle gets a four-wheel-drive system (or e-4ORCE system) and is equipped with a solid-state battery under the hood, cranking out 1,341bhp. However, it remains to be seen whether the Hyper Force uses two or four electric motors. 

Nissan Hyper Force Side

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Nissan Hyper Force Concept: What the Company Has to Say?

Makoto Uchida, President and CEO, Nissan, said: "All five concept cars showcased today are symbols of the future and embody our founding spirit of 'daring to do what others don't'. We have advanced our EV innovations, moving beyond mobility to create a more sustainable world. The EVs symbolize our future of creating a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive world for everybody without compromising on passions and dreams. Through the power of innovation, Nissan is creating a future where everyone can enjoy the excitement of mobility."

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