Tesla Cybertruck Goes Snow Drifting During Winter Testing as Production Nears

Tesla has posted a fresh photo that reveals how far the company is prepared to go in order to test the new Cybtertruck. Telsa has confirmed the truck is undergoing winter testing by releasing a single photograph showing the vehicle sliding in the snow.

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Cybertruck, Tesla's now-famous electric truck prototype, was unveiled back in 2019 with a futuristic design that was well-received among the public. The car company is notorious for making lofty promises only to fall short or cause delays in production. One of the best instances of this is the Cybertruck. Despite several setbacks, Tesla has recently been making significant headway; CEO Elon Musk has even predicted that manufacturing of the long-awaited Cybertruck would begin in September of this year. Another sighting of the Cybertruck in the snow indicates that it is doing its annual winter testing. As the launch of the electric truck approaches, the company shared a photo of a prototype driving in the snow. In addition, the corporation said that the vehicle is now undergoing cold weather testing. Tesla, though, has been mum about the photo's location. However, this photo demonstrates that the EV is close to entering production.

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Tesla Cybertruck: New Details

Tesla Cybertruck

The test model of Tesla's Cybertruck didn't seem to have any snow tyres or any specialised bodywork. The prototype had the same side mirrors, huge conventional wheels, and tyre options as the most recent ones came across. The picture Tesla has posted online only shows the exterior.

Tesla's Cold Weather Test Facility

In the Delta Junction area of Alaska, Tesla has a cold-weather testing facility. Engineers can put their automobiles through their paces in every weather thanks to access to extensive areas of snow and ice. The ideal conditions for winter testing include handling courses, icy hills of varying grades, and a massive skidpad. Tesla doesn't comment on the photo, but it's clear that the Alaskan site is where the Cybertruck will undergo winter testing.

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Tesla Cybertruck: Estimated Sales

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has announced that production of the angular and strange-looking electric pickup truck will begin in September of this year. He thinks that annual sales of electric truck might reach between 2,50,000 and 5,00,000 units. He has implied that Tesla would increase production to meet demand, saying the business will build as many as people want and can afford. Tesla has said before that it would begin manufacturing in 2023, although in small numbers; beginning in 2024, the company plans to ramp up production.

The pickup-truck industry stands to gain significantly if Tesla succeeds in reimagining the class and its target demographic. This profitable sector in the US has adhered to rigid guidelines for form, function, and features for years, all in an effort to appease a devoted customer base.

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