Upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQG to come with new battery tech for longer range

The new Mercedes-Benz EQG is expected to come with a new battery tech that will be the next step for the company. The new tech calls for a longer range while retaining the size and capacity. Here's everything you need to know.

By Anirudh Sunil Kumar | on August 29, 2022 Follow us on Autox Google News

Mercedes-Benz is planning to induce the electric version of the G-Class with a host of features that will come with new battery tech with a longer range.

The next big thing in Mercedes-AMG’s pipeline is going to be an electric high-hauling vehicle. The electric version of the G-Class which was showcased as the EQG concept a while back is progressing towards its production-ready version as we speak. And now we have a tiny scoop on what the car’s battery will be like. 

The EQG is expected to officially debut in 2025 and is expected to be the first model to come with the battery technology that was previewed in the one-off EQXX saloon concept. The company has also claimed that the same tech will soon make it to all the upcoming EQs as well. 

The battery has been developed in tandem with US-based Sila Nanotechnologies and features a silicon anode that, along with other chemical changes in the cells, contributes to a 20-40% increase in energy density compared with the units that power the current EQ models, which make use of commonly used graphite anodes.

The German manufacturer says that the new cell chemistry is aimed at storing more electric energy in any given space than is the case now. This will subsequently mean a longer range in future models without the need to resort to larger-capacity batteries. The prototype is powered by a 100kWh battery as compared to the 90kWh and 107.8kWh units in the current models. 

The EQG will be built on a modified version of the existing Mercedes-Benz’s G -Class ladder-on-frame chassis tweaked to support the added weight of the battery. The electric G-Class with four motors, one at each wheel. Each of the same will come with its fixed-ratio gearbox. Mercedes is also developing a software package which will enable the motors to stimulate the effect of three differential locks as we saw on the ICE G-Class models.

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