Bosch India expands its smart solutions portfolio beyond mobility

By Divyank K. Bansal | on December 27, 2018 Follow us on Autox Google News

Bosch aims at widening its smart solutions portfolio beyond mobility by offering energy-efficient solutions and connected products for India by establishing a strong partnership with local providers of engineering expertise

Owing to India's rapid growth in terms of its push towards digital methods, which in turn has led to a growing demand of digital infrastructure, technology and service provider Bosch has decided to revamp its business model in the country by shifting its focus from just mobility to other demand areas which will benefit from the firm's smart solutions.

Sharing his thoughts on the changing dynamics of India's infrastructural demands, Mr Soumitra Bhattacharya, MD (Bosch Limited) and President (Bosch Group India) said, 'Our business is in a process of profound transformation from a hardware focus to models that focus more on services and data. We have the capability to develop greenfield technology that can power industries in a new-age manner. The key to success will be our partnership with local players to drive connectivity forward and a localised strategy to meet consumer demand.'

Some of the major areas where Bosch has already begun contributing towards a digital shift include the construction industry, which benefits from Bosch's connected power tools solutions and rental digital services. The company is also working on transforming the country's security infrastructure by providing technologies such as intelligent cameras and public address systems, which incorporate big data analysis for added robustness.

Bosch Genetec Data Security

In order to create a smart infrastructure for factories but with reduced energy consumption and long-term sustainability goals in mind, Bosch has introduced something called the Bosch Energy and Building Solutions (BEBS) and it's key beyond mobility solution offering, the 'Industry 4.0' technologies. Not only does BEBS offer services to decrease the energy consumption of commercial and industrial facilities but it also offers solutions for easy monitoring and controlling of energy consumption. With Industry 4.0 technologies, Bosch intends to smart factories with focus on automation, digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT in order to boost productivity, quality and safety.

At the heart of all these changes, Bosch claims that innovation still remains a crucial factor. Owing to the use of modern-day technology like AI, Blockchain and Bosch's '3S' strategy involving sensors, software and services to develop all these smart solutions, innovation, as per Bosch, still remains at the helm of all their technological pursuits.

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