BYD Unveils New Hybrid Powertrain with Ultra-Long Range; Claims 100Km with 2.9-Litre Fuel

The Chinese EV maker BYD claimed that its plug-in hybrid reached a range of up to 4,023 km (2,500 miles) during testing.

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With the debut of a new hybrid powertrain that can go more than 2,000 kilometres between charges and fuel stops, BYD is stepping up its competition with Toyota Motor Corporation and Volkswagen AG in the shift towards an EV era. The two sedan variants, priced under Rs 12 lakh, will be the first to offer the new technology. According to the manufacturer, some of its dual-mode plug-in electric hybrid cars have a higher range, allowing them to travel from New York to Miami, Munich to Madrid, or Beijing to Guangzhou with a single charge and a full petrol tank. For BYD, a company that has been striving to decrease fuel consumption since introducing hybrid vehicles in 2008, this represents a significant turning point. 

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BYD New Hybrid Powertrain: Key Details

The pricing of BYD's ultra-long hybrids may intensify the price battle in the global EV market. The Shenzhen-based company has completely reshaped the Chinese auto industry by implementing extensive price reductions, albeit at some cost to profitability. As of April, it has delivered about 10 lakh cars this year, having sold a total of 30 lakh units last year. One BYD hybrid out of every two sold in China is a major source of revenue and profit for the manufacturer.

Many brands all over the world are attempting to reduce range anxiety in buyers and produce more environmentally friendly cars. Recently, Toyota displayed its first-ever internal combustion engine prototypes, capable of running on batteries, petrol, hydrogen, and other fuels. BYD claimed that its plug-in hybrid reached a range of up to 4,023 km (2,500 miles) during testing. Although the improvements are currently intended for cars built in China, they will probably be exported soon.

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BYD discontinued manufacturing fossil-fuel-powered vehicles in early 2022 and has been increasing hybrid exports to markets that don't have a battery charging infrastructure. The Qin L and Seal 06 sedans, which debuted at the Beijing Auto Show in April, are the first two vehicles to feature these long-range capabilities. They are from the Chinese EV maker's Dynasty and Ocean series, respectively. BYD's new hybrid powertrain is a big step forward in the continued evolution of hybrid and electric models. Both these vehicles are extending the bounds of range to address what some buyers still perceive as a disadvantage when shifting from petrol.

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