Ultraviolette Launches 8 Lakh Kilometre Warranty for F77 Electric Motorcycle in India

The UV Care Max package is only available on the Ultraviolette F77 Recon model, while, the UV Care and UV Care+ packages can be had for both the standard and Recon models.

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The F77, Ultraviolette Automotive's flagship electric motorcycle available in India, now has enhanced battery warranties. This offer provides extra safety for the EV's battery and drivetrain. The model will have an 8 lakh-kilometre global warranty as part of the package. Three coverages—UV Care, UV Care+, and UV Care Max—will be offered along with this new warranty. Under the revised scheme, UV Care and UV Care+ additionally offer coverage for twice as many kilometres, while UV Care Max now has an eight-fold maximum kilometres limit. For the uninitiated, the usual vehicle warranty for the Ultraviolette F77 is three years or 30,000 kilometres. The UV Care package extends the battery and drivetrain warranty to 60,000 kilometres for three years, and the UV Care+ package to 1 lakh kilometres for five years. With a coverage area of 8 lakh kilometres/8 years, the UV Care Max package is only available on the F77 Recon model. Meanwhile, the UV Care and UV Care+ packages can be had for both the standard and Recon models.

Speaking on the update, Niraj Rajmohan, CTO & Co-Founder, of Ultraviolette, stated, "Being the global pioneer in battery technology and offering an extensive warranty is a testament to Ultraviolette's commitment to revolutionizing the electric mobility landscape. The introduction of the new warranty structure for the battery and drivetrain is underpinned by rigorous efforts in battery engineering, including meticulous validation processes spanning five levels of safety, and future-ready battery technology. Ultraviolette's extended warranty reaffirms the uncompromising quality and reliability of our electric motorcycles."

Ultraviolette F77: Styling and Feature Set

The Recon and standard F77 models include large side fairings, alloy wheels, LED headlamps, and split seats. Stealth Grey, Supersonic Silver, and Plasma Red are the available paint jobs for both models. The extensive feature list of the F77 comprises a five-inch TFT screen with smartphone connectivity, a nine-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), adaptive dash lighting, automatic headlight on/off, navigation, fall and crash sensors, side stand sensors, and ride-by-wire.

Ultraviolette F77: Battery Details

On the mechanical front, a smaller 7.1kWh battery and a 27kW motor power the base model. It boasts a top speed of 140km/h and an IDC range of 206 kilometres. The top-of-the-line F77 Recon, on the other hand, has a maximum speed of 147km/h and a 29kW mid-mounted electric motor. It further has a 307-kilometre range along with a 10.3kWh battery.

Ultraviolette F77: Hardware

The F77's braking system is composed of single front and rear discs with dual-channel ABS support. The bike uses monoshock and preload-adjustable front forks for suspension. The electric bike has 17-inch alloy wheels fitted with 110/70 (front) and 150/60 (rear) Metzeler tyres. 

Ultraviolette F77: Price

While the more expensive Recon is priced at Rs 4.55 lakh, the standard F77 is available for Rs 3.80 lakh. Prices are ex-showroom. In India, there are currently no direct rivals for the Ultraviolette model.

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