2024 Jawa 350 Review: When Going Easy is the Answer

Getting a motorcycle right is complicated because motorcyclists themselves are complicated. But the Jawa 350 might have cracked the code.

By Manav Sinha | Photography Sunil Chauhan | on April 24, 2024 Follow us on Autox Google News

The essence of Jawa has always been rooted in the experience it provides. This was conspicuously evident during my testing of the new Jawa 350, for it’s all about the experience. Sure, discussing figures and numbers could be an effective way of conveying information, but they don’t tell the full story. So, let’s focus equally on both aspects of this new offering from Jawa.

Jawa 350 Review: What’s Different?

At first glance, the 350 appears strikingly familiar yet subtly more appealing – a result of astute engineering. The Jawa 350 has grown in almost every dimension. With a longer wheelbase and more ground clearance, it’s now taller and has a stance that echoes that of the original Jawa, especially when seen from a distance. In essence, the Jawa 350 now stands out more than before and, in my view, leaves a more indelible impression. I think the key contributors to this transformation include longer front and rear shocks, a taller seat height with refined contours, and a slight narrowing of the bike, which adds to its tallboy stature.

Jawa 350 Stand View

Every aspect of the motorcycle exudes better build quality, which is particularly evident in the arrangement of the wiring harness and cable routing. The radiator is more seamlessly integrated and doesn’t stick out like before. Notably, both front and rear tyres have become slightly wider, culminating in a package that maintains a familiar silhouette yet exudes a markedly better presence.

Jawa 350 Review: The Riding Experience

The changes, however, are not just limited to visual aesthetics. In fact, the new 350 not only gets a new chassis but also a new engine, which means that it is essentially an all-new motorcycle.

Jawa 350 Rear Stand View

The motorcycle is powered by a 334cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, which is a step up from the outgoing 294cc unit. Despite the larger displacement, it produces less power than before. It now has a more relaxed state of tune, which feels more in sync with the easy retro theme of the motorcycle. The motorcycle, however, doesn’t feel sluggish or slow. Thanks to shorter second, third, and fourth gear ratios, along with the final drive, the 350 feels quick enough. The availability of a slip-and-assist clutch paired with a 6-speed gearbox further adds to the easy and fluid nature of the motorcycle. Furthermore, the brakes offer commendable feedback and bite, adding to the overall riding performance.

That said, like most things in the world, the 350 is not perfect and has its own share of flaws. For instance, vibrations are noticeable in the middle of the rev band through the handlebar and footpegs; however, they aren’t too intrusive to be a major concern. Additionally, while the new chassis allows for a stable and planted ride in most riding conditions, the rear suspension feels on the firmer side.

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However, the most baffling aspect of the bike is the instrument cluster, which is downright perplexing. Furthermore, the separate placement of the handlebar lock and the ignition port – they are inches apart – seems needlessly cumbersome, requiring extra effort.

While the chrome finish adds a touch of elegance to the overall design, it remains to be seen how practical it will be to maintain over time. Therefore, I would like to withhold my judgment on its long-term maintenance for now.

Jawa 350 Review: More than the Spec Sheet

By now, you likely have a picture of what the Jawa 350 is all about – after all, you do have all the numbers and technical details. Honestly, I did too. However, all of it disappeared like darkness at dawn the moment I rode the bike. While there are a few things that could have been better, there is no denying that it excels where it truly matters – the riding experience.

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Compared to the older model, the Jawa 350 is more tractable and composed. It likes to take things easy, inviting you to embrace and revel in the world around you. For me, this epitomises what the Jawa should have been from the outset. Not only is it better constructed and aesthetically pleasing but also offers a more satisfying ride. Overall, the Jawa 350 stands out as a refreshing departure from a world marked by rush and haste.

Jawa 350 Fuel Tank

Reflecting on the experience, my most enduring memory of the Jawa 350 is of the day when we shot pictures for this story. It was an early morning ride to reach the shoot location, even before the sun had a chance to peek over the horizon – a perfect and much-needed start to my day. As I enjoyed my morning coffee while watching the mesmerising sight of the glinting chrome of the resplendent Orange Jawa under the morning sun, I found myself torn between immediately hitting the road and simply basking in the captivating beauty of the moment. If a motorcycle can evoke such a dilemma, you know that it successfully embodies the essence of motorcycling.

  • Jawa 350

Engine: 334cc / Single-Cylinder / Liquid-Cooled

Transmission: 6-Speed

Power: 22bhp @ 7000rpm

Torque: 28Nm @ 5000rpm

Price: ₹2.15 Lakh (Ex-Showroom)

X-Factor: If you like enjoying your motorcycle at a steady pace, the Jawa 350 is one of your best bets in the segment.

•  Fit and Finish

•  Ride Quality

•  Good Looks

• Stiff Rear Suspension

•  Confusing Instrument Cluster

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