Hero Super Splendor Review: First Ride

With an updated design, added equipment and a revised engine, Hero MotoCorp has spruced up the Super Splendor. And with an addition of a 125cc Super Splendor, the lineup has also been reworked. Find out more in our extensive review.

By Jared Solomon | on December 21, 2017 Follow us on Autox Google News

With a new design, better features and added power, the new Hero Super Splendor looks set to continue its reign as the number one selling motorcycle in India.

It’s been quite some time since the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer updated its 100-125cc model segment. But, now, they have just launched three new models. The newest addition to their lineup is the updated 125cc Super Splendor.

The design of the bike remains pretty much the same as the previous model except for a few changes that can be easily noticed. As is the norm, the new Super Splendor motorcycle will now come with an Automatic Headlamp On (AHO) feature. The Super Splendor will also come with an updated seat, with more under-seat storage. There is also an additional storage compartment under the tank and a wider rear tyre too. The Super Splendor will also be launched in five colour options.

Hero Super Splendor Headlight

Coming to the engine, the Super Splendor gets a 125cc single-cylinder motor that makes 11.4bhp and 11Nm of torque. This motorcycle will also feature the i3s start-stop technology by Hero. The bike makes 27 percent more power and 6 percent more torque than its predecessor and I could certainly make out the difference. The engine also feels a lot more refined and it also performs well under the tension of high revs. There are no vibrations felt at all, which is quite impressive. Even with my heavy body on the bike I still managed to push the bike to reach a top speed of 90km/h, and I’m sure it could go a bit faster still. The gearbox does feel a little clunky though when you are switching up or down. Typical of all Hero commuter bikes the gears are four up.

I got to ride the Splendor on some urban roads and some very bad broken roads around Delhi. I have to admit though that the suspension setup on the bike is very good and I was very impressed with it. Even on off-road conditions the bike was comfortable and didn’t bother me much. The front suspension travel is good and the seating position is very comfortable. You sit upright and your legs are fairly bent, but even for tall riders the seating position was very comfortable. Thanks to the nice seating position, the suspension setup and the well refined engine, the overall ride quality of the bike is very good. The new chassis is based on the Glamour, and the front end of the bike does feel very light, but that will be nice in heavy traffic conditions.

Hero Super Splendor Speed Meter

The only real problem I had with the new Super Splendor is that it only comes with drum brakes. The front drum is not very effective and there is no feedback at all from the brake. I had to press the brake lever all the way in, closing my hand into a fist, and still the brakes took a very long time to bring the bike to slow down. Considering that the new Passion Pro models get disc brakes, I would have liked to see disc brakes here too.

As a commuter motorcycle though, the Splendor is a very good package. The overall build quality could be just a bit better, but there is nothing that I can really complain about. Obviously we would also expect a very good fuel efficiency from the Super Splendor. It’s comfortable and practical and it gets some nice added features. We just need to wait till the prices are announced, but it’s safe to say that the best-selling motorcycle in India can still sit comfortably at the Number 1 spot for a while longer.   

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