Hero Xoom vs TVS Ntorq: David vs Goliath

The Hero Xoom has arrived, with its head held high and a slingshot in hand, but can it topple the TVS Ntorq? The scooter space in India is quite heavily contested. On one hand, you have the Honda Activa, which is the safe option, and on the other hand, you have scooters like the TVS Ntorq

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The scooter space in India is quite heavily contested. On one hand, you have the likes of Honda Activa, which are the safe option, and on the other hand, you have scooters like the TVS Ntorq, which are trying to make scooters more fun and exciting. The Hero Xoom is the latest entrant in this space that is trying to take the latter route. In one glance, it manages to capture your attention with its edgy design and when you look at its price tag, the deal just gets better. The question, then, is – does the Hero Xoom have enough in its arsenal to match up to the Ntorq or even dethrone it from its position? We took them out for a spin to find out.

Hero Xoom vs TVS Ntorq: From the looks of it

The Hero Xoom captures your attention with its thoroughly sporty design. It has plenty of cuts and creases, and it seems that Hero has spent quite some time and effort in giving it a distinct and unique identity. The only other scooter that had a similar effect on me was the first-generation Honda Dio. The design of the scooter also has some interesting features. For instance, behind the front apron, there are two water bottle holders, large enough for 1-litre bottles. What’s more, this has been done without compromising on the footboard space, which is similar to that of the Ntorq. Additionally, both scooters come with a hook, which can securely hold any item you want to carry on the footboard.

Hero Xoom Motion

There has never been any doubt about the fact that the TVS Ntorq has a unique and striking design, but with time, I must add, it has started to look a bit old. It’s still a brilliant-looking scooter, but its age has become somewhat evident now. TVS, however, has tried to address the issue to an extent by introducing new versions of the Ntorq at regular intervals, like the Marvel edition scooter that you see in the pictures. But this has also led to a gradual increase in its price, but more on that later. The Ntorq feels special, but in comparison to the Xoom, it does seem to have lost a little edge. 

TVS Ntorq Front View

Hero Xoom vs TVS Ntorq: Pitting Practicality

Scooters are all about practicality, so the question is, which one of the two scooters is more practical? Let’s see. The Hero Xoom has a fairly decent instrument cluster, but it feels basic. This is one aspect of the scooter where Hero seems to have dropped the ball. It also gets a USB charging socket, but the placement on the front apron makes it a bit difficult for you to access it – you have to get on your knees to even locate the slot. The Xoom’s boot is similar in size to that of the Ntorq, but it can’t accommodate a full-face helmet. The fuel-filler cap is located underneath the seat, meaning that you have to open the seat every time you want to fill fuel. However, the Hero Xoom gets cornering lamps, which does give it a bit of an edge over the Ntorq. And while they may not be the most efficient cornering lamps out there, they are at least there. After all, something is better than nothing.

Hero Xoom Front

Now, while the TVS Ntorq seems to lag behind the Hero Xoom in terms of bottle holder space or cornering lamps, it gains some points with its external fuel-filler cap, for you don’t have to flip up the seat every time you are at the petrol station. Both scooters miss out on the remote unlock feature, which may not be a big problem, but if you have used this feature on a scooter like the Honda Activa, you will miss it.  The Ntorq also has a plusher seat and is definitely the more comfortable scooter of the two.

Hero Xoom Tail Light

Hero Xoom vs TVS Ntorq: Riding Comfort

Now, a scooter is supposed to offer you a simple and comfortable riding experience, for usually, it’s the most used vehicle in the family. On this front, the TVS Ntorq does a better job. Its engine packs more punch, and its suspension soaks up undulations better than that of the Xoom. Even the Ntorq’s brakes have a better feel than that of the Xoom –  they offer more bite and feedback. However, that doesn’t mean that the Hero Xoom has nothing to offer here. The 110cc motor gets you up to 70km/h pretty quickly, but it struggles after that. But then keep in mind that those speeds are enough for urban commutes. That said, it will struggle as soon as you take it on the highway. The brakes too offer good bite, but the feedback is missing, especially in comparison to the Ntorq.

TVS Ntorq Speedometer

The tyres on the Xoom are a size thinner than those of the Ntorq, which makes it more agile and quite quick in terms of changing direction. The TVS Ntorq, however, is not far behind as well. Plus, it regains ground over the Xoom with its stability around corners. About a year ago, I spent a good amount of time riding the Ntorq in the hills, specifically from Kathmandu to Pokhara, and I must say that it’s by far one of the best scooters in terms of cornering.

TVS Ntorq Tail Light

Hero Xoom vs TVS Ntorq: Fit and finish

Another aspect of the scooter that has become quite important these days is the quality. And the TVS Ntorq has a clear advantage here. While the paint quality on the Xoom feels above its price class, the overall fit-and-finish of the Ntorq is certainly better. The switches feel premium and have excellent tactile feedback. Now, to be fair to the Hero Xoom, there is nothing wrong with it in terms of fit and finish. It’s only in comparison to the Ntorq that the difference in their quality becomes apparent. So, if you are one of those who needs to have the best in terms of quality and finish, then the Ntorq remains your best bet.

Hero Xoom vs TVS Ntorq: Verdict

Choosing the winner between the two scooters can be a tough ask, for it has to cater to the needs of multiple people. I haven’t talked about the price of these scooters until now because there is a considerable difference between the two. The scooters that you see in the pictures here are priced almost ₹20,000 apart. If you opt for the regular Disc-brake version of the Ntorq, it will cost you around ₹13,000 more than the top-spec Hero Xoom. Now if you are looking to buy a scooter, both these price differences are quite substantial. 

With that in mind, the Hero Xoom can do everything you expect from a scooter, except for maybe highway journeys, which makes it an excellently-priced package that offers immense value for money. For the average Joe, the Hero Xoom will then be all that they will ever need from a scooter and the Xoom will even look good doing that, and most importantly, picking it also means you save a decent sum of money upfront. Not to forget that the smaller engine of the Xoom will allow one to extract a better fuel efficiency. That means, there will be savings in the long run too. So, the Xoom might look hip, but ultimately, it’s the scooter that is the cost-effective choice.

Hero Xoom Vs TVS Ntorq

On the other hand, the TVS Ntorq is for those that aren’t necessarily constrained by a budget and don’t mind paying more for a more refined product. You will be able to enjoy a richer riding experience on it, and the different Marvel and Race editions will definitely appeal to some. Ultimately, it’s a scooter for those who love to ride motorcycles, and even when they want to ride a scooter, they want one that can offer similar levels of excitement, if not the same. In that regard, the Ntorq does a fantastic job, but, you will have to be willing to pay that extra price.

So, did David slay Goliath? No, not really. Instead, the Hero Xoom will be great for those who always wanted to buy an Ntorq, but found it a bit out of their budget. As for the Ntorq, it’s not going to start losing serious numbers to the Xoom anytime soon, but if the new Hero scooter does do well, TVS could be forced to bring in a similar scooter in the 110cc space.

  • Hero Xoom
  • TVS Ntorq

Engine: 110.9cc / Air-Cooled / 4-Stroke / Fuel-Injected

Power: 8.05bhp @ 7,250rpm

Torque: 8.70Nm @ 5,750rpm

Price: ₹76,699 (Ex-Showroom)

X-Factor: An extremely stylish scooter that’s budget-friendly and can do most things well.

• Good Looks
• Pricing

• Braking
• Refinement

Engine: 124.8cc / Air-Cooled / 4-Stroke / Fuel-Injected

Power: 9.25bhp @ 7,000rpm

Torque: 10.5Nm @ 5,500rpm

Price: ₹94,941 (Ex-Showroom)

X-Factor: Stands out as a scooter and can give small bikes a run for their money!

• Refinement
• Comfortable Seat

• Expensive

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