Honda Ten10 Racing Academy: Why should you attend?

By Ravi Ved | on August 5, 2017

We just returned after successfully completing Level 1 of the Honda Ten10 Racing Academy and here’s why we think every motorcycling enthusiast should sign up for it

It’s not just about racing: Although it does have ‘racing’ in its name, the Honda Ten10 Racing Academy (HTRA) isn’t just for someone who aspires to be a racer. Sure, if that’s where the compass of your passion points, the trainers will be more than happy to mentor you. But, what you learn in the course is as helpful in your everyday riding as it is out on the track. If you are one of those kinds who love to go touring or riding around the twisties over the weekend, the Honda Ten10 Racing Academy will help you hone your riding skills and at the same time enjoy your motorcycle a lot more.

You learn from those who are learned: When you have one of the fastest racers in India Sarath Kumar, and Chief coach of Ten10 Racing Ramji Govindarajan teaching you the tricks of the trade, you know you are in good hands. While Ramji led the class room sessions touching upon the theoretical side of riding, Sarath led the track, focusing more on the practical side of things. Sarath taught us the art of cornering, showed us the right body posture and even rode with us showing us the racing lines, apexes, and braking markers of the MMRT circuit in Chennai. Through the day we had three class room sessions each of which was followed by track sessions. This format works brilliantly, especially for someone inexperienced in track riding like me. It allows you to understand the physics of riding and then try it out on the track immediately.

Sarath kumar HTRA m

Unlearn to learn: Ironic as it may sound, this is what I found myself doing at HTRA. Over the years, we all develop certain habits or techniques of riding – some of it when we learnt to ride, by watching others ride and trying it out ourselves. A lot of these practices may not be the right ones and must be unlearnt before we can learn to ride the right way. When we were out riding on the track, Sarath and Ramji watched us closely and pointed out some of the common mistakes made by us during the track sessions. Getting rid of some of these habits immediately resulted in enhanced confidence and improved lap times.

Safe Environment: This is probably one of the most important reasons to attend the Honda Ten10 Racing Academy. When you are learning and experimenting with different techniques of riding, you need a controlled environment that will save you as well as others from harm in case things turn out badly.

ramji HTRA Honda One Make m

What are the charges? And what do I need? You start with the Level 1 (Basic), move on to Intermediate and finally graduate to Expert. The cost includes the training fees and the motorcycle for the duration of the course. You are required to bring your own riding gear or you can even rent it out at the venue for a charge. Honda Ten10 Racing Academy charges Rs 10,000 for each of the sessions which is considerably affordable than some of the other racing academies out there but more importantly, after successfully completing Level 1, I can tell you it sure is a worthy investment.

Honda Ten10 Racing Schedule for 2017:

21st August - Level Basic

27-28th October - Level Intermediate & Expert

18th November - Level Basic

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