MotoGP Bharat GP: Ola Diamondhead, Adventure, Cruiser & Roadster Electric Motorcycle Concepts Showcased at BIC

Ola Electric has showcased its upcoming Diamondhead, Adventure, Cruiser, and Roadster electric concepts at the Buddh International Circuit as the India leg of MotoGP begins today. The concepts are on display at the Ola's booth in the Fanzone.

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With India making its entry into the MotoGP calendar, Ola Electric, the Bengaluru-based EV maker, has showcased its range of futuristic motorcycle concepts at the BIC. According to the official statement, the manufacturer is showcasing the Ola Diamondhead, Adventure, Cruiser, and Roadster electric concepts at Ola's booth in the Fanzone. For on-ground support tasks, such as marshal support and other mobility duties, a total of 150 Ola S1 scooters will be used instead of the usual petrol-powered two-wheelers. Sharing his thoughts, Anshul Khandelwal, CMO, of Ola Electric, said, ‘Much like MotoGP is the epitome of two-wheeler racing, Ola represents the best of EV two-wheelers. As we step into the passionate realm of motorcycles, we are immensely thrilled to participate in a global motorsports event, where we can showcase the future of motorcycles and share Ola's vision, engineering, and technology at a global scale.’

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The electric motorcycle concepts from Ola include the Diamondhead, Adventure, Cruiser, and Roaster models. These electric motorcycles, which are expected to go on sale by the end of 2024, will be offered at various price ranges across all major categories.

Ola Diamondhead

This supersport has a really unusual and aerodynamic design, which is sure to grab attention. The Hub Centre Steering dominates the front end and differs from typical steering in that the steering pivot points are located inside the wheel hub rather than above the wheel in the headstock. The motorcycle additionally includes a distinctive feature that lets you switch between comfort and sporty footpeg positioning. The Diamondhead also has fat wheels, adding to its unique appearance.

Ola Adventure

The bike features spoked wheels both at the front and back, along with extended travel USD forks. It is equipped with a 17-inch rear wheel and a 19-inch front wheel. The bodywork displays a sleek aesthetic and a recognisable high mudguard style. The Adventure has a streamlined appearance, with a well-integrated tank panel and seat, along with a digital instrument panel, stylish mirrors, and hand guards. It also has luggage mounts and an LED taillight.

Ola Roadster

The Roadster is a bold concept – it was the sole operational prototype seen during Ola’s unveiling event in August. The bike is equipped with large tyres mounted on alloy wheels. The USD forks and double disc brakes give it a sporty appearance. The LED headlight is stylish with the LED winkers incorporated into the tank shrouds. The front portion of the seat, which appears to be a three-step unit, really serves as a flap to conceal the charging pod. The flush-fit taillight unit gives the rear end an elegant look.

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Ola Cruiser

The Ola cruiser has a long, low-slung silhouette and a modern appearance. It has good aerodynamics from wheel to wheel and panels are placed over the front forks. The LED headlamp panel complements the motorcycle's overall aesthetic design, which is quite attractive to look at. The charging pod is housed in the stylish faux tank panel. There is room for two people on the narrow seat. The LED tail lights are also incorporated into the design. The rear tyre is a large unit with a hugger, which serves as a number plate holder and indication housing. The instrument panel is entirely digital. The motorcycle is powered by a mid-mounted electric motor. While USD forks handle the front suspension, the manufacturer has fitted the Cruiser with a mono-shock at the rear.

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