Lamborghini Aventador Successor to Unveil Globally on March 29

Lamborghini will globally unveil the successor to the Aventador on March 29. The upcoming V12 model will be same as its predecessor in terms of dimensions, according to market reports.

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The Lamborghini LB744 supercar, slated to replace the classic Aventador, will mark its global debut on March 29. A few days ago, the automaker revealed the power specifications of the supercar. The upcoming Aventador successor will be powered by a new V12 engine with 3 electric motors, capable of producing more than 1000bhp. As reported previously, the new 6.5-litre V12, named L545, weighs 218kgs and is the lightest and most potent engine the luxury carmaker has ever built. There is no official confirmation as to when this new V12 Supercar will launch in India. However, industry rumours indicate that the classic Aventador's successor will come to India later this year. The time for the car to globally make its premiere is slowly coming near. So, before that let's know more about this new V12 supercar in terms of features, specs, design, and more. 

Lamborghini LB744: Engine & Gearbox Details 

The new 6.5-liter V12, dubbed L545, is the firm's lightest and most powerful engine to date weighing 218kg, according to the luxury automaker. It makes 814bhp at 9,250rpm and 725Nm at 6,750rpm despite being 17 kg lighter than the engine in the existing Aventador. The automaker has changed the engine in several ways to boost performance. Reengineering the air intake ducts to the cylinders increases air supply and ensures appropriate airflow in the combustion chamber. The audio for V12 has also been improved. Owing to the reduced engine weight, the three 18.5kg motors with a combined output of 1001bhp can be installed with ease, says the firm. One engine, according to the automaker, will be mounted on the gearbox, while the other two will power the front axles. 

The firm has not yet announced acceleration numbers, but the engine of the forthcoming supercar will emit 30% less CO2 than the 768bhp of the Aventador Ultimae. It will reportedly help the LB744 with blazing off-line performance, likely with figures that are close to the special edition Lamborghini Veneno, which can reach 100km/h in just 2.9 seconds.

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Same as the other plug-in hybrid cars, the LB744 will have the ability to run entirely on electricity, employing solely the front wheels while idle to conserve energy and all four wheels when necessary (depending on the selected drive mode). Unfortunately, the highest anticipated EV range will only be 8km due to the battery's smallest size.

The LB744 will have a 3.8 kWh battery pack. According to Lamborghini, when the battery will get discharged, it can be charged fully in solely 30 minutes via a standard alternating 7kW power and in as little as six minutes utilizing the petrol engine in conjunction with regenerative braking.

The LB744 will have an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, placed behind the V12 to help with weight distribution. It will weigh 193 kg.  After the Miura, the LB744 will be the second Lamborghini, equipped with a transversely mounted gearbox. Instead of three different shafts, the new gearbox has two.

The electric motor positioned on the gearbox will work as a starter motor-generator aside from powering the front electric motors via the transmission tunnel battery. Reverse will be provided by two front electric motors, but if more speed is needed, the rear electric motor will employ the rear axle and wheels.

Lamborghini LB744: Chassis Details 

The LB744 will have a new monofuselage chassis, which the company claims will make a huge improvement in the torsional rigidity and driving dynamics of the supercar. It will be the first to have a full carbon fiber front end and have energy absorption levels that are twice as high as those of the Aventador. The monofuselage weighs 20% less at the front alone and is 10% lighter than the Aventador's supporting chassis, according to the luxury carmaker. Additionally, torsional rigidity has been increased by 25%. High-strength aluminum makes up the rear chassis, which Lamborghini claims further saves weight, reduces the number of welding lines, and increases rigidity. Moreover, the rear domes are hollow. 

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Lamborghini LB744: Design

There is no official confirmation yet, but industry reports hint that the new V12 supercar will have the Lamborghini Aventador's angular front appearance. The Lamborghini Sian FKP 37's tri-arrow LED daytime running lights will reportedly be located underneath the supercar's triangle headlamps. The supercar will likely have triangle taillights surrounding two top-mounted exhaust pipes on the rear. In contrast to the Aventador, which had a three-pane rear window over the engine, the new supercar will probably feature a single-pane glass with air vents on either side. 

Lamborghini LB744: Launch Timeline 

Currently, there is no exact information on the official launch of the new supercar in India. The three Lamborghini vehicles presently on sale in India are the Urus, the Huracan, and the Aventador. According to market reports, the luxury carmaker will bring the much-awaited V12 supercar into the country later this year. For now, the V12 supercar is set to make its global debut on March 29. Closer to the debut, more details about the vehicle are expected to emerge. 

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