Nissan Kicks vs Hyundai Creta vs Renault Captur: Comparison

In our Kicks vs Creta vs Captur spec comparison, we take a look at how the newly-launched Kicks compares against the established Creta and whether it offers a better value proposition to customers compared to the Captur.

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With the launch of the much-awaited Nissan Kicks, should the current segment leader, Hyundai Creta, have any fear of losing its title? Let's take a look...

It's been a while since the compact SUV segment had a new entrant. Of late, the Hyundai Creta has been doing a remarkable job of not only being the volume driver for Hyundai but for also being the leader in its segment. A while back, everyone had pinned their hopes to the Renault Captur (largely due to its aggressive advertising campaign) to dethrone the Creta but it failed to take off in comparison to the hype built around it. However, things are much different with the all-new Nissan Kicks. Let's see if the new boy can put up a genuine fight to the old-timer...


Well, until now, Renault could claim that the Captur is the largest car in its segment as it is longer than the Creta. However, the Kicks has taken that title for itself now as it is the longest out of the three. In terms of width and wheelbase though, the Kicks and the Captur are tied while they both are wider than the Creta and have a longer wheelbase. The only aspect where the Creta comes at the top is the height as it is the tallest in the trio. The Creta has the least ground clearance as well.  

  Nissan Kicks Hyundai Creta Renault Captur
Length (mm) 4,384 4,270 4,329
Height (mm) 1,656 1,665 1,619
Width (mm) 1,813 1,780 1,813
Wheelbase (mm) 2,673 2,590 2,673
Ground Clearance (mm) 210 190 210


The Creta seems to serve both the ends of the power spectrum when it comes to diesel powertrains. It gets a 1.4-litre 89bhp motor and a 126bhp 1.6-litre version as well. However, as the Kicks and Captur only offer a single diesel powerplant option, the Creta seems to have the upper hand. Thanks to a significant power difference, the Creta's 1.6-litre motor shines with a superior torque figure as well. Another major benefit of the Creta is the fact that it also offers an automatic transmission option alongside a standard manual. Seeing that a large chunk of Indian car buyers now prefers to opt for an automatic, this puts the Kicks and the Captur at a serious disadvantage.  

  Nissan Kicks Hyundai Creta Renault Captur


Inline-4 CRDi

Inline-4 Turbocharged


Inline-4 CRDi

Power 108bhp 126bhp 108bhp
Torque 240Nm 260Nm 240Nm
Transmission 6-Speed Manual 6-Speed Automatic
6-Speed Manual
6-Speed Manual

Features and Equipment

The top-spec variants of all the three cars offer a good amount of equipment. Modern-day basics like a touchscreen infotainment system, cruise control and leather upholstery can be found on all three. However, the Creta edges ahead thanks to the availability of convenience features like sunroof and wireless phone charging. 

  Nissan Kicks Hyundai Creta Renault Captur
Touchscreen 8.0-inch 7.0-inch 7.0-inch
Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Yes/Yes Yes/Yes No
Cruise Control Yes Yes Yes
Wireless phone charging No Yes No
Leather upholstery Yes Yes Yes
Driver-seat adjust Manual Electric Manual
Sunroof No Yes No

Price Range

Since the Kicks is the new one here, all the pressure was on Nissan to price it aggressively in order to give it a fighting chance. Having said that, the Nissan Kicks has been priced really well with a starting price comparable to that of the Creta. However, due to the presence of more features in its higher-spec variants, the Creta's price range goes up quite steeply. In that aspect, the Kicks offers better value for money as its lower variants also offer a good number of features and the top-version is significantly cheaper. The Captur offers a higher starting price range but, in the end, a top-spec Captur will be the cheapest among the three, albeit lesser bit of kit than its rivals.

  Price Range
Nissan Kicks ₹ 9.55 lakh - ₹14.65 lakh
Hyundai Creta ₹ 9.5 lakh - ₹ 15.1 lakh
Renault Captur ₹ 9.99 lakh - ₹13.24 lakh

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