Auto Expo 2023: IOP to Showcase India’s First Vehicles Powered by Aluminium-Air

Auto Expo 2023: IOC Phinergy Limited (IOP) will display India’s first-ever vehicles powered by Aluminum-Air system at the upcoming Auto Expo – The Motor Show which is being held in Greater Noida from 13th to 18th January 2023.

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Auto Expo 2023: IOC Phinergy Limited (IOP) a 50:50 joint venture of Indian Oil Corporation Limited with Phinergy Ltd. is deploying the 1st ever full ecosystem for Aluminum-Air energy in India including R&D, manufacturing and associated services. It will display India’s first ever vehicles powered by Aluminum-Air system at upcoming Auto Expo – The Motor Show which is being held in Greater Noida from 13th to 18th January 2023.

India has been working to promote the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) as a way to reduce its reliance on imported fossil fuels and to improve air quality. The Indian government has implemented a number of policies and incentives to encourage the adoption of EVs, however, the transition to EVs has not been without challenges. Some of the roadblocks in India’s journey towards mass vehicle electrification are sparse charging infrastructure  high upfront costsand limited range.

Overall, the transition to EVs in India continues to face challenges, but its often true that when faced with a problem people are motivated to find creative solutions to overcome it.

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Aluminium-Air – an India centric solution

Aluminum-air technology uses aluminum as an energy carrier for on-demand, zero-emission energy generation. Aluminum, as a metal, has had an existing production, transportation and recycling value chain for over a century. With availability of indigenous aluminum in abundance supported by a well-established aluminum industry, Aluminum use as energy carrier has the potential to disrupt the e-mobility landscape in India.

As an energy carrier, aluminum has very high-energy density of 8kWh/kg of which translates into long range for EVs. Moreover, Aluminium-Air Systems for EVs are grid independent and do not require charging. They essentially use the energy stored in this lightweight, durable and safe metal and whenever energy reload is required, it can done in few minutes.  

IOP is partnering with leading OEMs in India for piloting the technology by integrating its Aluminum-Air batteries in electric vehicles. IOP has demonstrated >500 km range in a continuous drive of Al-Air integrated EV in India. IOP has also successfully demonstrated the Al-Air technology for energy back-up application at sites of a leading telecom tower company in India. Phinergy and IOP have partnered with Hindalco in India, on R&D and pilot production of Aluminium plates for Aluminium-Air batteries, and recycling of Aluminium, after usage in these batteries.

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To summarize, Aluminium-Air Powered EVs enjoy no grid dependency, lower capital cost, up to 5 times the range of EVs powered by traditional batteries and its all made in India.

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