Auto Expo 2023: Ultraviolette Showcases F99 Electric Motorcycle in India

Auto Expo 2023: The brand-new F99 electric motorcycle has been formally introduced by Ultraviolette in India. With the debut of the F99 Factory Racing platform today, Ultraviolette entered the world of fast racing.

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Auto Expo 2023: Ultraviolette has officially unveiled the brand-new F99 electric motorcycle in India. Ultraviolette made its entry into the realm of high-speed racing today, with the debut of the F99 Factory Racing platform. This will also fuel cutting-edge innovation in the EV motorbike and broader mobility area. The F99 Factory Racing Platform, set to be India's first Electric Motorsports oriented vehicle, draws inspiration from both worlds - aviation and racing - to design technologies and capabilities for electric motorcycles that push the frontiers of creativity. According to the firm, The F99 Factory Racing Platform was designed to extract maximum power from the powertrain while passing all necessary safety testing, resulting in a peak power output of 65bhp and a top speed of more than 200km/h.

The F99 Factory Racing Platform claims to feature breakthrough battery technology, drivetrain engineering, material innovation, including carbon composites, and high-speed aerodynamics concepts. These advacements, as per the company, enable the F99 Platform to provide exceptional performance and efficiency. The platform will allow vehicles with extremely adjustable ergonomics enabling riders to tailor their riding positions to their riding style and build.

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Commenting on the unveiling, Narayan Subramaniam, Co-founder and CEO, Ultraviolette, said, “The world of racing is extremely challenging as it forces the vehicle to be pushed beyond its limit, and this is what leads to innovation. The F99 Factory Racing Platform led us to think beyond conventional technologies in the EV space today. We are confident that the innovation emerging from the F99 Factory Racing Platform will make its way to the public in the future. By combining aviation and racing principles, we intend to bring the most advanced electric vehicles to the world.”

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Niraj Rajmohan, Co-founder and CTO, Ultraviolette added, “The tremendous response for the F77 is a result of Ultraviolette’s cutting-edge technology and industry-first features. We will continue to be the leaders in technology innovation in the EV space, and the F99 Factory Racing Platform will pursue this mission. With the most advanced powertrain architecture and battery tech coming out of India, we want to be at the forefront of innovation globally. Our singular goal is to consistently deliver top notch technology and a superior riding experience for customers, be it on the race track or on the roads.”

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