Hero Xpulse: 5 reasons why you should look forward to it

By Ravi Ved | on February 12, 2018

At the 2018 Auto Expo, Hero MotoCorp showcased the production-spec version of the Xpulse. We at autoX are excited about this adventure tourer from Hero, and we think you should be as well.

Just like SUVs are the mass favourite for car buyers in India, a good percentage of motorcycle buyers are fairing fixated. However, over the past few years, a lot of enthusiasts have realised that they are far from ideal for our conditions. Most motorcycles of this body style have an aggressive riding posture and a stiff suspension – both aspects that don’t quite make them overly comfortable to ride. Buyers are now starting to appreciate the versatility of adventure tourers for the exact same reasons. Spotting the need for an affordable adventure tourer, Hero is all set to bring in the Xpulse around June 2018, and we are really looking forward to the launch.

  1. Entry-level off-road machine: If you are one of those who would choose practicality and comfort of riding over style and apex-carving handling, you would find the list of motorcycles to choose from is rather short. And it further shortens, if you are on a budget. In fact, the Royal Enfield Himalayan is the only affordable adventure tourer on sale, and let’s face the truth, it isn’t the most reliable machine out there. A spiritual successor to the Impulse, the Xpulse will be the stepping stone to start an off-road adventure. Sporting a 200cc single cylinder motor, the Xpulse will be light, which should make it easy to manage – just the kind of machine you need to have to learn how to ride off-road.
  1. Dual sport nature: Whether in the city or out on the highway, roads across the country are in horrible shape. The Xpulse promises to offer a comfortable ride thanks to the 190mm front forks and the 180mm rear monoshock. With such a setup, the Xpulse will not only tackle the undulations of the road with utmost ease, but will also allow you to take unexplored paths. From your everyday commute to highway hauls to trail riding, the Xpulse has the credentials to do it all with equal aplomb. One of the biggest downers of the Impulse was its small 150cc motor, which led some owners to fit the bike with the 223cc motor from the Karizma. With the Xpulse, Hero seems to have addressed the need for a slightly punchier adventure tourer too.
  1. Ergonomics: Like I mentioned before, although Indian motorcycle buyers have this innate love for fully-faired offerings, they aren’t the most ideal motorcycles for our conditions. The Xpulse’s tall handlebar, centrally positioned foot pegs and the long seat promise a comfortable ride no matter what the road throws at you. The 220mm of ground clearance means that the underbelly will not scrape even when riding over the deepest of potholes. And most importantly, at 830mm the Xpulse’s seat height isn’t overly high either.
  1. Features: While the Hero Impulse was bare bones, Hero has equipped the Xpulse with a long list of features. It comes fitted with a full LED headlamp setup, dual disc brakes, luggage rack (maybe optional) and an all-digital instrumentation. To make the Xpulse more fun to ride off-road, Hero has equipped it with switchable ABS too. The Xpulse also comes with smartphone connectivity that gives the rider a navigation option.
  1. Attractive pricing: The beauty of the Xpulse will be its pricing. We expect it to carry a price tag of about Rs. 1 – 1.2 lakh, making it the most affordable adventure tourer in the country. With the given price and the features on offer, the Xpulse will be a great tool for someone who has just been bitten by the off-road bug. Moreover, for rookie off-road enthusiasts, the occasional fall is a given but being a Hero MotoCorp offering, it is safe to assume that parts and maintenance will be easy on the pocket too. With that in mind and based on the specs and the first look of the motorcycle we got at the Auto Expo 2018, we can’t wait to get out hands on the Xpulse soon.

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